Week In My Life.

I haven't updated on a typical week in my life since my "mom" one in 2018. Initially, I wasn't going to post this with all the chaos going on, but I figured having some normalcy helps. But also, come September, once my oldest starts kindergarten, routines will definitely change. With [current] new schedules, routines and such, … Continue reading Week In My Life.

TOL #13: Mom Life: “Weekly Routine”

One day away from Friday... Friday the 13th to be exact! *Cue spooky music* Any who, as I mentioned before, my work schedule has dwindled down more to avoid too much pressure on my leg. With my hours shortened, it's been on my mind to share with y'all my new weekly "routine" since I am now … Continue reading TOL #13: Mom Life: “Weekly Routine”