24 Minute Total Body HIIT.

The weather here in New England is going to be perfect; low 70s, sunny and well perfect. For me anyways. 😉 Today I'm bringing to you a workout I shared as a bonus to my class members this week. If the weather is nice where you are, definitely take it outside. I've switched up the timer … Continue reading 24 Minute Total Body HIIT.

Total Body HIIT Workout.

Here's a fun Total Body HIIT workout. It's 30 minutes (okay, technically 29, but 30 sounds better). There are seven different moves per round and two rounds;  40 Seconds ON, 15 Seconds REST. It even includes a video like the last workout. All you're going to need is a set of dumbbells; I used 10lbs … Continue reading Total Body HIIT Workout.