Self-Care: My Vitamins & Supplements

Aside from experiencing burnout, I realized I haven't been taking any of my vitamins or supplements on a regular basis. I mean, it's normal right? When life gets chaotic, sometimes your good habits get replaced by bad habits, such as being over-caffeinated to compensate for feeling like garbage. I've started drinking more decaf coffee and … Continue reading Self-Care: My Vitamins & Supplements

HVMN MCT Oil Powder & Keto Collagen Review.

A few months ago, HVMN reached out and sent me some samples of their [unflavored] Keto Collagen+ and [chocolate] MCT Oil powder.I will say right off the bat that I didn’t like the MCT powder oil too much. MCT oil has been shown to increase the release of two hormones that promote the feeling of … Continue reading HVMN MCT Oil Powder & Keto Collagen Review.