My Top 5 Snacks + More!

I'm going to be sharing [over the course of a few blog posts] my eats and about how I combine intuitive eating with intermittent fasting and how I lost over 15lbs in about 5 months without trying.I'll definitely end it with a "what I eat in a day" so y'all can see it in full … Continue reading My Top 5 Snacks + More!


“Day In The Life” – Mommy & Toddler Edition

It's that time of the week... "hump"day! Many of you guys enjoyed my previous "day in the life of" post with my toddler during the summer, that I decided to do a "fall edition." My schedule has drastically changed from then to now. I am down to working mainly two days a week. I'll also … Continue reading “Day In The Life” – Mommy & Toddler Edition