Why Hello There! [Twins Six Months Update]

Having twins has definitely kept me busy; throw in a toddler to the in mix and it's like a double full time job. I don't know how the mamas of 4+ kids do it, seriously you guys rock. And all moms of course; mom life ain't easy!Can you believe the twins are six months old? … Continue reading Why Hello There! [Twins Six Months Update]

Samantha Julia {6 Months}

I cannot believe half a year has passed. Time truly does go by quick. I must say every second of every day is always different. So what's new since month 4 for Samantha? Teething big time. It sucks and she isn't a fan of teethers. We've tried a little yogurt in the past couple of weeks, so … Continue reading Samantha Julia {6 Months}