Third Trimester [Twin Pregnancy]

We made it to the third trimester... HOME STRETCH!{27 Weeks} Weight: My pre-pregnancy weight was 155lbs, now I'm at 178lbs for a total of 23lbs gained. So far I weigh a bit less in the third trimester then I did with Samantha. Mental Health: Zoloft has been a blessing. I have been able to think … Continue reading Third Trimester [Twin Pregnancy]

FFavorites #4: Empower, Sugar Buns & More!

Whoohoo, Friday Friday! I had my first Friday off last week in like IONS but I am back at it today. Fridays at work is nice. It's pretty low key as everyone either works from home or head home early (at the cooperate office gym). I usually take time before the start of my shift … Continue reading FFavorites #4: Empower, Sugar Buns & More!