31. + Decluttering My Closet

I turned a whole 31 years old this past Saturday. I took a break from blogging since it was my birthday "week;" plus I was sick. I did get this cute from my neighbor to brighten my day. My oldest gave me this soap from Whole Foods, with the help of dad, of course. I … Continue reading 31. + Decluttering My Closet

Friday Favorites #5: De-Cluttering & Toddler Favorites

I've come to terms with a couple of the MILLION things that are causing my depression/ anxiety; organization and clutter. I know, I know sounds odd. Before I left college, I needed to pack my room up and head back home. Problem was I had a WHOLE ROOM of stuff. I was not planning on … Continue reading Friday Favorites #5: De-Cluttering & Toddler Favorites