Our Family’s Top 10 Food Staples + Grocery Haul!

I remember the days when I was just a college student; my grocery bill was under $40 a week. When the hubs and I had our first child, once she really started eating, our highest grocery bill was about $75 a week.On average, our grocery bill is currently $125-$150 for a family of five.Now there are … Continue reading Our Family’s Top 10 Food Staples + Grocery Haul!


Current Favorite Total Body Workout

I've been on a killer streak the past month, getting in 4-5 workouts per week! I've felt good and my energy during workouts have been on point. I love mixing equipment and different types of exercises as well.But sometimes, I don't want to workout... I shared this workout with my clients a few weeks ago … Continue reading Current Favorite Total Body Workout