New Addition.

We got a new table and chair set after a couple of chairs had broken from our kitchen set.  It was from Pat's grandmother and I believe it was almost 50 years old. It's definitely served it's purpose. During quarantine, the kitchen table had become the hot spot for a million activities, including homeschooling.It was … Continue reading New Addition.

Outer Order.

Hello May! This past weekend was amazing.I made it a point to wake up before the kids and it started my day on the right note. No to mention, the sun was shinning, the kiddos [mostly] behaved, I got to workout outside and even got to read.I wish every day was like this, but of … Continue reading Outer Order.

November “No Spend Month” Recap & Budget Planning for 2020.

Since my first "no spend month," I've looked much deeper into my monthly spends and budget. A few of my hours at work were cut due to the company's budget earlier this year and I didn't know what would happened. I had less than a month to figure out how I was going to earn … Continue reading November “No Spend Month” Recap & Budget Planning for 2020.