Week In My Life.

I haven't updated on a typical week in my life since my "mom" one in 2018. Initially, I wasn't going to post this with all the chaos going on, but I figured having some normalcy helps. But also, come September, once my oldest starts kindergarten, routines will definitely change. With [current] new schedules, routines and such, … Continue reading Week In My Life.


This week I experienced burnout; again. I experienced burnout last September going through all the motions with my husband. This time, it was between being down, lack of sleep, over caffeinating and working out too hard when I shouldn't have. Yes even I, the fitness instructor, am human. I took off this week from my … Continue reading Burnout.

November “No Spend Month” Recap & Budget Planning for 2020.

Since my first "no spend month," I've looked much deeper into my monthly spends and budget. A few of my hours at work were cut due to the company's budget earlier this year and I didn't know what would happened. I had less than a month to figure out how I was going to earn … Continue reading November “No Spend Month” Recap & Budget Planning for 2020.