Shoulders + Triceps Focused Workout

I've been doing this shoulder and triceps focused workout for about three weeks. Now I only post workouts that I absolutely feel are really good and post worthy... well at least by my standards. 😉 This workout includes twelve exercises breaking them down into three rounds. All you need is a pair of medium and heavy set … Continue reading Shoulders + Triceps Focused Workout

HVMN MCT Oil Powder & Keto Collagen Review.

A few months ago, HVMN reached out and sent me some samples of their [unflavored] Keto Collagen+ and [chocolate] MCT Oil powder.I will say right off the bat that I didn’t like the MCT powder oil too much. MCT oil has been shown to increase the release of two hormones that promote the feeling of … Continue reading HVMN MCT Oil Powder & Keto Collagen Review.

Why I Am No Longer “Intermittent Fasting.”

Since early September, my eating and workout "routine" has changed. At first it was unintentional. Between stress building up and lacking the desire to workout, this caused some new habits to form that I ended up sticking through with. Overtime, I am curious to see what my "results" will be.It wasn't until mid September did … Continue reading Why I Am No Longer “Intermittent Fasting.”