Samantha {10 Months}

Samantha turned a whole TEN MONTHS this past week. I can't believe out little bug is almost a year old. I am recapping some of current Samantha's favorites [and mom's too]. Let me be the first to tell you, I dislike summer. But I LOVE the vibes. They are simply marvelous; the sun, the beach, … Continue reading Samantha {10 Months}

9 Months Old & Current Favs.

Good morning friends! Tomorrow Samantha will turn 9 months old. Nine months! Just about the same amount of time she was almost done growing inside mommy's belly. ❤ Today I thought I'd share some recent favorites & finds of mom and baby. These products have been used almost every day.NurturMe Eco Reusable Pouches: We have a … Continue reading 9 Months Old & Current Favs.