Shoulder, Chest & Triceps Burn.

This past week as chaos spiraled in less than 24 hours from Sunday the 15th to Monday 16th, I decided that I needed to get my "home gym" ready. I've always wanted to get a barbell set but I had access to the gym and used it as time for myself. But now, that isn't … Continue reading Shoulder, Chest & Triceps Burn.

Lower Body Focused Workout

It's been a minute since I've done a lower body workout. Since completing three rounds of my bootcamp program, I decided to switched my lower body workout routine up. I've added a few more different moves since I tend to head to gym for leg day. Now that being said, you can still do these … Continue reading Lower Body Focused Workout

Why I Am No Longer “Intermittent Fasting.”

Since early September, my eating and workout "routine" has changed. At first it was unintentional. Between stress building up and lacking the desire to workout, this caused some new habits to form that I ended up sticking through with. Overtime, I am curious to see what my "results" will be.It wasn't until mid September did … Continue reading Why I Am No Longer “Intermittent Fasting.”