2020 Virtual HIIT [Bootcamp] Guide.

In the past few months, I've been working on a new virtual HIIT [bootcamp] guide and it is officially live and ready to go! I started getting bored of a lot of my routines and I really enjoyed Heather Robertson's "No Repeat" workouts. I used some of the concepts in her videos to create my own. … Continue reading 2020 Virtual HIIT [Bootcamp] Guide.

Shoulders + Triceps Focused Workout

I've been doing this shoulder and triceps focused workout for about three weeks. Now I only post workouts that I absolutely feel are really good and post worthy... well at least by my standards. 😉 This workout includes twelve exercises breaking them down into three rounds. All you need is a pair of medium and heavy set … Continue reading Shoulders + Triceps Focused Workout