Inner & Outer Thigh Focused HIIT

Happy Mother's day to all the beautiful moms out there, especially mine. ❤ Just because the title says inner and outer thigh focused HIIT, doesn't mean we don't target a little bit of every muscle.  There are 14 total moves for this workout. We perform the moves two times through;  45 Seconds ON, 15 Seconds … Continue reading Inner & Outer Thigh Focused HIIT

Tabata Tuesday #3: At The Barre

Since my pregnancy in late 2014, I have been very into Barre and "Barre-like" workouts. Barre has helped to keep me in shape while keeping my back pretty pain free. I was a Tabata, HIIT, kickboxing and body building junkie before pregnancy (and lower back injury from early 2014, but that's another story). But with severe back … Continue reading Tabata Tuesday #3: At The Barre