TOL #6: Happy 8 Months!

Whoa now, where did 8 months go? I know it probably seems like nothing. I'm sure my mom asks "where did 27+ years go" for myself. But seriously... feels like time is flying with this pumpkin. Samantha can stand pretty well and pick herself up. Not crawling yet but she does a butt scoot and … Continue reading TOL #6: Happy 8 Months!

MIMM #6: It’s The Simple Things.

Happy Monday folks! If you're in the New England area like me, your Monday is going to be filled with snow. It was just sunny and cool the other day. Blah right? Ain't nothing a marvelous cup o' Joe can't fix. Or a quick and simple breakfast. Or chocolate. ;-)Samantha has been loving her Stonyfield pouches for breakfast … Continue reading MIMM #6: It’s The Simple Things.