Welcome to the World Harrison & Alexandra!

Good morning friends! Mama went into labor last week at 35 weeks and we now welcome the twins, Harrison and Alexandra! They were born on Sunday, November 12th. Harrison came at 3:28pm at 5lbs, 4oz and Alexandra arrived at 3:33pm at 5lbs, 11oz. Both are still at the hospital in the special care nursery but … Continue reading Welcome to the World Harrison & Alexandra!

Mommy & Baby Favorites (5-7 Months Old)

Happy Thursday friends! Samantha and I are going to do another Mommy and Baby favorite posts. Now some of these products we've used for a while but we totally forgot to share our thoughts on them with you! Let's get to it, shall we?Regalo Portable Seat: This chair is awesome. It's a traveling highchair (has straps … Continue reading Mommy & Baby Favorites (5-7 Months Old)