Shoulder, Chest & Triceps Burn.

This past week as chaos spiraled in less than 24 hours from Sunday the 15th to Monday 16th, I decided that I needed to get my "home gym" ready. I've always wanted to get a barbell set but I had access to the gym and used it as time for myself. But now, that isn't … Continue reading Shoulder, Chest & Triceps Burn.

2020 Virtual HIIT [Bootcamp] Guide.

In the past few months, I've been working on a new virtual HIIT [bootcamp] guide and it is officially live and ready to go! I started getting bored of a lot of my routines and I really enjoyed Heather Robertson's "No Repeat" workouts. I used some of the concepts in her videos to create my own. … Continue reading 2020 Virtual HIIT [Bootcamp] Guide.