Friday Favorites #7: Iced Maple Pecan Lattes, Good Books and More!

Happy, Happy Friday!

It’s finally Friday and it’s the first Friday of October. #HelloFall

Dropping in for another Friday Favorites brought to you by Heather over at Life In Leggings. Thank you for hosting!Friday-Favorites-Button-Life-In-Leggings-Link-Up-2***

Pumpkin Picking: This was the first time we’ve done pumpkin picking together. It didn’t last too long because it was a hot day but it we had fun!

My daughter is obsessed with pumpkins so she had an absolute blast! #pumpkinEVERYTHING.21768068_10103178006127110_8637768685823792315_nNew Reading Material: I placed a couple of books on hold at my local library after I finished reading “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and “The Joy of Less” (a must read) within a month. 21994204_10103178149689410_7352027230232734180_oI couldn’t wait the three weeks, so I went to Barnes & Nobles and picked up “Life Is What You Make It.” So far [70 pages in] it’s pretty good. 22089150_10103178192423770_7097824838174877909_nThis day we were able to enjoy the sun early before it got too hot. 

Starbucks Iced Maple Pecan Latte: Oh. My. GOSH. This is going to be the death of my wallet. I love anything pecan flavored, but with maple in the mix it’s heaven. listI only add a pump or two depending on the size because it is super sweet (but really delicious). Give it a try if you are a fan of either flavor or both!

Happy Squeeze Twists: I’ve picked these up a very long time ago for my daughter and she loved them. Found them on sale last week and had to get them! toddler favsThese are my favorite “applesauce” pouch because it has a bit of fiber and vitamin C, as most I’ve have no nutrients at all. 

Homemade Waffles: I’ve been on a waffle making kick lately [using this similar maker].barMy husband got us this Honey Buckwheat Pancake and Waffle Mix by Maple Grove Farms of Vermont. waff.jpgFor my batter, I add one teaspoon of vanilla extract, only 1/2 tablespoon of oil, almond milk instead of water plus a dash of cinnamon to the batterwafflesIt comes out way more delicious.

Any that are left over, I’ll freeze and toast when I’m ready to eat them. 

That wraps up this edition of Friday favorites.

Hope everyone has a great week! 😀



What’s In Our [Toddler] Diaper Bag?

Hello, hello. 🙂

I love watching videos or reading vlogs of “what’s in my bag.” whether it’s a diaper bag or gym bag. I gives me the opportunity to see different products that others like and may want to try myself!

I’m enjoying the time that I have with a lighter diaper bag until the twins come (a baby diaper bag post will come some point next year).

On to what’s inside…

First off, the bag we use (we got from a friend, it’s at least 6-8 years old) is by Graco. I love beige/ neutral colors and the simplicity of this bag.22041953_10103176912284180_7869412417752424068_oFor diapering products we use Target’s Up & Up diapers and wipes, Johnson’s baby powder (with Aloe) and Aquaphor in case of a diaper rash. diapersOther “tolietires” we have are Babyganics hand sanitizer and wipes, plus some Shout Wipe & Go cleaner in case of ice creams stains. I absolutely love the hand sanitizer.babyganicOne goes a long way… talking 6-10 months long!

Snacks: These vary depending what we have on hand but a juice box, raisins and some type of pouch is a must for us. snacksSammy has been into peanut butter crackers these days and this pouch is her new favorite. Plus is has a full serving of veggies! #winwin

Treats and other things: I like to have a book and stickers in her bag in case we head to a restaurant or she needs entertainment; also a bib and lollipops.treatsBecause bribery. 😉

Lastly, something for mom. I get the munchies too, ya know? I either do a Power Crunch bar, Quest bar or a bag filled with Snapea Crisps. bar“Honorable” Mentions

Extra Clothes: I do keep a change of clothes for the toddler in my car, plus some extra diapers and wipes.

Car Activities, Etc.: I also have more books, snacks and other activities for the toddler as well. I found this awesome car organization tip from Do It On A Dime a few months ago. Check her out for awesome [and cheap] organization tips!18664670_2046182092074654_2414241680044462569_nDo you have any special go-to’s for your diaper bag?

Third Trimester [Twin Pregnancy]

We made it to the third trimester… HOME STRETCH!20170901_224450{27 Weeks}

Weight: My pre-pregnancy weight was 155lbs, now I’m at 178lbs for a total of 23lbs gained. So far I weigh a bit less in the third trimester then I did with Samantha.

Mental Health: Zoloft has been a blessing. I have been able to think clearer and have less anxiety about becoming a mom of three [under three].

I didn’t know how my body would react to it but for me it’s a peace of mind. IMG_20170908_142332_980I can analyze things better, plus not to mention read again without having my mind racing.

Fitness: Still managing to get in 2-3 workouts a week!

My current “goal” is to do Barre 1-2 times a week (I now teach 1-2 Barre classes a week) and try to take at least 1 Pure Barre class, plus teach my Tabata class (modified for me, of course).

Barre has been awesome because it focuses somewhat on calf strength building. My leg has felt much better (plus the compression stocking is super helpful).27 weeks{29 Weeks}

Here’s what my current fitness routine looks like during the week:

  • Monday: Active Rest Day (or Pure Barre)
  • Tuesday: Pure Barre (or Active Rest Day)
  • Wednesday: Barre & Sculpt Class [I teach]
  • Thursday: Rest Day (usually go for walks with Sammy/ Supermarket)
  • Friday: HIIT or Circuit Workout
  • Saturday: Pure Barre
  • Sunday: Rest Day

I try to keep moving regardless if I don’t make it to a class or get to workout. I’m still trying to focus on eating as healthy as I can.

Food: Still craving cookies like mad!21768013_10103178192358900_6419514306492671448_nBut now with the fall upon us, the body craves pumpkin EVERYTHING. #DontJudge 😉haloRing: Still able to wear my wedding band! Some days my fingers are a tad swollen, so I’ll put on my pearl engagement ring which is a tad loser than my wedding band.

Clothing: I finally needed to get a couple of large and XL tank tops and moved into my medium sized leggings from smalls.21762826_10103169413007790_8740627558854539078_oI’m not as big as I thought it would be compared to other twin moms. That makes me feel better entering winter, clothing wise. So far my coat still zips, I’m sure that will change by next week. 😉

I can tell my energy level is going down a tiny bit each week, which I was told would happen past 28 weeks. For now, I am enjoying the energy that I do have hanging out with the family and giving Sammy that special “only child” one on one time.20170813_200252***

Twin Pregnancy Updates:

First Trimester

Second Trimester ❤ ❤

Friday Favorites #6: Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream, Deals & More!

Happy Friday!

My mom is coming to visit today with my grandmother for the weeknd. I’m super excited to see them both. ❤

Let me share with you some favorites from this past week!

My mother-in-law recently gave us some Kohls cash and I purchased this striped tank top on sale for $9.99 (plus a 15% off coupon). 21615995_10103169295543190_2595937048196080740_nI have a few cardigan sweaters, so tank tops is something that can be used for summer and fall! #multipurposelady 😉

Deals & Coupons: Besides the tank top find, I found a deal at Target where it was “spend $100 and get a $25 giftcard.”21686274_10103169295662950_8089200871035752970_nNot only that, I had $5.00 left on a giftcard from Swagbucks AND a 15% off coupon from my registry. I stocked up on baby wipes, diapers and some other baby toiletries we needed.  s-l300I used the $25 giftcard for Sammy’s beanies and other groceries at Target. A good deal [+ savings] is one of my favorite things!

Pumpkin Pie Halo Top: Can we say pumpkin heaven? I finally found the pumpkin Halo Top flavor at my supermarket. halo.jpgIt tastes so similar to a delicious pumpkin ice cream and is super creamy! Not too crazy about the graham cracker pieces but overall a new favorite.

Speaking of Fall flavors, this caramel apple pie yogurt is divine! 21761891_10103169295573130_7519493646233807705_nBath Bombs: I never really used a bath bomb before and I had this one from a basket I won from a Whole Foods Grand Opening near me. 21559019_10103169295628020_1589670430856826791_nThe lavender scent was very nice and subtle, as I am not a fan of strong lavender scents. I would definitely purchase on in the future to enjoy a nice bath here and there.

Dollar Tree Finds: I love finding cute stuff at Dollar Tree!pics.jpgThey had these new “beach themed” frames that I thought would be perfect for Sammy’s room. She loves our room so I decided to fix up some of her decor this week and make it some what “similar” to ours. 21762325_10103169342299490_8282209215757452896_oI also gave her our sheer curtains and took off her rail because she was having difficulty sleeping in her bed… she just wanted to be in our room.

Now she is sleeping WAY better in her own room. Phew!Friday-Favorites-Button-Life-In-Leggings-Link-Up-2That wraps up this edition of Friday favorites. I’m linking up with Heather over a Life In Leggings!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! 😀

“Day In The Life” – Mommy & Toddler Edition

It’s that time of the week… “hump”day!

Many of you guys enjoyed my previous “day in the life of post with my toddler during the summer, that I decided to do a “fall edition.”

My schedule has drastically changed from then to now. I am down to working mainly two days a week. I’ll also be sharing my routine a bit more, AS WELL AS Sammy’s.


5:30am: Mommy went to workout early! I sipped some coffee after at Starbucks, did some blog work and reading.20170905_0610297:00am: Good morning Sammy 🙂

After a few minutes of “good mornings” and cuddles, it’s time for a quick diaper change. We let her run around and play for a bit before she gets her breakfast.

7:15am: Breakfast! She requested the fruit so I added half of a sprouted grain bagel w/ almond butter and milk on the side. 21427192_10103152394323370_8143052536964800754_o7:30am: Dada says goodbye and leaves for work.

7:45am: Once Sammy is done with breakfast, I get her cleaned up, her teeth brush and change her outfit depending on where we plan to head out for the day; today is an errand day!

8:00am: Independent Play. I swapped the independent and structured play; it just seemed to work better this way. [I set the stove timer for 30 minutes.]

During this time, I’ll clean the kitchen, open all the windows, make a to-do list and get myself ready for the day.window fall8:30am: Structured Activity: This can be anything; whether it’s a craft, flash cards (Dollar Tree) or stickers. As long as it’s something we are both doing together.20170912_1533409:30am: Mini Snack and Play. I cut her snack size mid-morning so she eats more lunch (it’s been helping). It’s usually a piece of fruit or some crackers. 20170912_153340I snacked on some Snapea crisps [and put the laundry in] before we headed to the supermarket; I’m obsessed!

11:45am: Lunchtime! I make sure to come back home around this time to get Sammy some lunch and some for myself too (I had a veggie burger).snacky lunchWe did a “snack-y” lunch with Late July peanut butter crackers, apple, Snapeas, raisins and a Stonyfield yogurt pouch.

12:45pm: Naptime!

During her naps, I’ll check on the laundry and get the living and bedroom cleaned up. I try to be productive for half of her nap, then get rest; either reading or watch some “DIY” YouTube videos.

2:45pm: And she’s up… she usually needs a diaper change and I’ll get her a light snack to hold her until dinner. She’ll then play or read after.

3:45pm: It was so nice out later in the day that we went to the park. Mom had a snack while the toddler played. I’ve been in love with these bars; they satisfy my cookie cravings.21370890_10103154542373660_4503748709850265844_n5:00pm: After the park, we headed back home. I washed up her hands and got her comfy. She watched Trolls for about half an hour while I got dinner ready.

5:45pm: Dinner is usually the toughest meal of the day. It’s hit or miss! 20170903_134429Today she had a couple of potato smiles, nuggets, apple slices (rest of the apple from snack she didn’t finish), carrots and raisins. Once she is done with dinner, I let her play for a bit before her bath.

6:30pm: Bath time!20170905_1729027:00pm: Quiet time begins.21751662_10103159454569580_9061532470658895494_nI’ll let her read some of her books [plus we’ll read one together] and she’ll have some warm milk. We do a quick teeth brushing after before “officially” tucking into bed.

7:45pm: Bedtime! I’ll spruce up the home then relax for the rest of the evening while I wait for Pat to come home from work. 21743327_10103159454524670_5916058923240103407_nI absolutely love my desk after de-cluttering it and jazzing it up for Fall.

11:00pmBedtime for mama… oome days I fall asleep earlier just because being pregnant with a toddler is quite exhausting!

That’s a wrap on this “day in the life of” of mommy and toddler! Her schedule* is not always perfect, but we try to have a routine of some sort to get us through the day.


*Note: we don’t follow a particular “schedule” on Mondays, Saturdays (aka family days) or Playschool days.

TOL #12: Fall Lovin’

Can I just say that I absolutely love that the fall weather is approaching?21731035_10103161174697430_1035773052349818311_nSweater weather, apple picking, Fall decor and all things pumpkin are my favorite!20170904_105734Hello Pumpkin Spice coffee. 21740304_10103161391443070_6959236446386423957_nThis little section below I like to call “ours.”

I updated it with a pumpkin (Dollar Tree) and the wood-ish card my husband got me for our one year wedding anniversary (which was a couple of weeks ago). 20170912_103017I also added a cream/ orange colored flower (from the one in our living room) and some rafia in a mason jar (both from our wedding decor).

My desk has been my favorite space at night. 21743327_10103159454524670_5916058923240103407_nAfter de-cluttering it, I can relax once the toddler is in bed, read or watch some YouTube videos before the husband comes home from work.

Fall weather means more time outside… for us anyways. My husband and I are just not a fans of the heat. Anything low 70’s and below (til 50’s) is perfect. 20170909_105437It makes outdoor activities more enjoyable for all of us like our trip to Davis Farmland last week (my daughter loves chickens)…21462618_10103156248509550_3471313312387558914_nOr reading outside during my break at work.IMG_20170908_142332_980Fall things have been on my mind  lately so I’m linking up with Amanda for “thinking out LOUD” Thursday.Thinking-Out-LoudHave a wonderful rest of you week! 

TOL #11: De-cluttering The Home & Toddler Room

Hello friends!

If you read my post last week on de-cluttering, you’ll know that this post was coming.

I’ll be sharing with you a few things I did with our home and the toddler’s room to minimize clutter plus make the space more enjoyable.

I’ve done all this over the past two weeks (if I wasn’t pregnant it probably would have taken me a few days). I’ve gone through all the closets and drawers and was able to get rid of things that we no longer used, were stained, broken, etc. In total, I was able to trash or donate 8 bags. Three of those bags were just “paper things.” 

Now, on to the rooms!

I’ve rearranged Sammy’s room a few times since we moved here earlier this year, but this way I love the most.20170903_081009Storage: She has a big toy chest and I decided to store toys that she doesn’t play with. Some of are either too “baby” or too “big” for her to use.20170901_092143I have plenty of these baggies bed sheets or curtains that I saved for storage. I like this better then containers because you can puzzle in items to fit better.20170901_092150Labels aren’t really necessary since you can see through the bag, but I think it just makes it look neater or could be my OCD.

Kitchen: This one is great for small spaces/ storing. It comes with it’s own accessories, plus she received a couple sets of play food/ kitchen items. I stored half of them in her toy chest and kept a few items out. 20170903_081032Once she get’s a bit older, I can take out other items for her to play with.

Activities Basket: I showed this in the previous post, but I use to store ALL of her activities stuff in one of her clothing drawers in the closet (aka her “junk drawer). She loves to dig and take them apart when I opened them; it was getting frustrated. 20170829_082143I decided to just take out what she uses the most. There are still things stored in that drawer but they are for when she’s older.20170903_081032Books: I kept a few out that she currently likes and every few weeks I rotate these or store ones that I know are more for infants and I’ll save those for the twins.20170905_130526 Main Entrance: The first space when you enter is the living room and I absolutely hated the way it looked. I thought it was super cluttered with toys and my desk was always a mess (I found the end table at Goodwill for ONLY $1.50)20170905_171817I put her ball pit and mini basketball hoop behind the couch and other toys she plays with in the TV stand (it was empty). 20170905_160532Now the whole space looks much neater. 20170905_130526To the right side of the entrance is THIS stand. It had a ton of toys was collecting dust at the bottom, now I just leave a bit of decor, a couple of books and shoes.20170905_171817Our Bedroom: This room was neglected the most. I found the night stand for $2.50 (Goodwill) and was able to put a lamp near our bed and the remotes, diapers and wipes in the drawer instead of just on the floor.

I also found some pretty fall flowers at Rite Aid and put up a couple more pictures (frames from Dollar Tree).

Now I think it feels simple and cozy and you can probably tell that I am pretty simple when it comes to decor or items to have in the house.

I’m really enjoying reading this tidying book by Marie Kondo. I enjoy the minimalist lifestyle for myself, but it helps you put it into a more home perspective.

There are things I don’t totally agree with in the book (like doing all your de-cluttering in one sitting) but a lot of the information is very useful. I think if you’re looking for ways to minimize clutter and make a more enjoyable space, definitely give it a read.

I’m linking up with Amanda for thinking out LOUD Thursday!Thinking-Out-LoudMy next book is the Joy of Less. Can’t wait. 😀