Fitness Coaching

As a certified personal trainer, cycling instructor and health coach through the American Aerobics Association International/ International Sports Medicine Association (AAAI/ISMA) for over four years, I have developed a coaching plan designed to help those achieve their healthy and fitness goals.backdogYou will not only feel great, but have more energy and be in an overall better state of mind!

What Does The Coaching Plan Include?

This 4-week plan comes in the form of an e-book (PDF) that provides you with tools and support designed to help those who are looking to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

  • Personalized Meal Guide (5-Day Rotation)*
  • Personalized 4-Week Workout Plan
  • Tips & Tricks on Living a Healthier Lifestyle (including portions guide)
  • Grocery List*
  • Plus a weekly check-in!

My coaching plans are designed to help you reach your health and fitness goals and achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Here’s what some clients are saying:

“Working with Sabrina is fun, yet hard work. She holds you to working hard and being the best that you can be. She makes sure that you never give up and she works on things that you want to work on to make you feel better about yourself. It is great to work with someone that finds such passion in their job.” -Amanda C.

“Having Sabrina as my trainer is the best. When you think you can’t do it… she is right there saying “you got this!!” She know your limits and will push you to the end. What you thought you could not do, in the end you did!” -Lacy S.

“Sabrina is a great trainer. I have never trainer before so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I have seen nothing but positive results! She is very encouraging & pushes you to the very end! I couldn’t have done this without her”

-Megan M.

The 4-week Online Coaching Program is $59.99, but as a New Year special, the program is ONLY $39.99! [Offer Expires July 1st]

One-on-One Training: I am located in Northwest/ Merrimack Area of Massachusetts. I offer personal training sessions as well as a four week [in-person] bootcamp program. For locations and rates, email me for further details.

Whether it is weight loss, maintaining or simply eating healthier, this program can work for YOU. Remember, this is what worked for me and I believe it can work for you too.

***13903155_10102620343038410_84556097706492253_nFor questions, please email



*Meal plans can be made to fit gluten-free, vegetarian/ vegan lifestyles, etc.