How We Are Doing On Our “Staycation.”

This is rough for me, not going to lie. I am used to only having four full days with the kids, not six. Usually if they start to get stir crazy, that's when I get out of the house with them. Clearly that is not an option.I'll be honest, I was worried how this would … Continue reading How We Are Doing On Our “Staycation.”

Stocking Up.

There are many posts, YouTube videos and such on what families have been doing to stock up for our nation's COVID-19 outbreak and state of "social distancing." I wanted to share what our family decided to stock up on. I already had a 72-Hour Emergency Kit prepped in case of a power outage. I followed … Continue reading Stocking Up.

Self-Care: My Vitamins & Supplements

Aside from experiencing burnout, I realized I haven't been taking any of my vitamins or supplements on a regular basis. I mean, it's normal right? When life gets chaotic, sometimes your good habits get replaced by bad habits, such as being over-caffeinated to compensate for feeling like garbage. I've started drinking more decaf coffee and … Continue reading Self-Care: My Vitamins & Supplements