Friday Favorites #7: Iced Maple Pecan Lattes, Good Books and More!

Happy, Happy Friday!

It’s finally Friday and it’s the first Friday of October. #HelloFall

Dropping in for another Friday Favorites brought to you by Heather over at Life In Leggings. Thank you for hosting!Friday-Favorites-Button-Life-In-Leggings-Link-Up-2***

Pumpkin Picking: This was the first time we’ve done pumpkin picking together. It didn’t last too long because it was a hot day but it we had fun!

My daughter is obsessed with pumpkins so she had an absolute blast! #pumpkinEVERYTHING.21768068_10103178006127110_8637768685823792315_nNew Reading Material: I placed a couple of books on hold at my local library after I finished reading “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and “The Joy of Less” (a must read) within a month. 21994204_10103178149689410_7352027230232734180_oI couldn’t wait the three weeks, so I went to Barnes & Nobles and picked up “Life Is What You Make It.” So far [70 pages in] it’s pretty good. 22089150_10103178192423770_7097824838174877909_nThis day we were able to enjoy the sun early before it got too hot. 

Starbucks Iced Maple Pecan Latte: Oh. My. GOSH. This is going to be the death of my wallet. I love anything pecan flavored, but with maple in the mix it’s heaven. listI only add a pump or two depending on the size because it is super sweet (but really delicious). Give it a try if you are a fan of either flavor or both!

Happy Squeeze Twists: I’ve picked these up a very long time ago for my daughter and she loved them. Found them on sale last week and had to get them! toddler favsThese are my favorite “applesauce” pouch because it has a bit of fiber and vitamin C, as most I’ve have no nutrients at all. 

Homemade Waffles: I’ve been on a waffle making kick lately [using this similar maker].barMy husband got us this Honey Buckwheat Pancake and Waffle Mix by Maple Grove Farms of Vermont. waff.jpgFor my batter, I add one teaspoon of vanilla extract, only 1/2 tablespoon of oil, almond milk instead of water plus a dash of cinnamon to the batterwafflesIt comes out way more delicious.

Any that are left over, I’ll freeze and toast when I’m ready to eat them. 

That wraps up this edition of Friday favorites.

Hope everyone has a great week! 😀



Friday Favorites #6: Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream, Deals & More!

Happy Friday!

My mom is coming to visit today with my grandmother for the weeknd. I’m super excited to see them both. ❤

Let me share with you some favorites from this past week!

My mother-in-law recently gave us some Kohls cash and I purchased this striped tank top on sale for $9.99 (plus a 15% off coupon). 21615995_10103169295543190_2595937048196080740_nI have a few cardigan sweaters, so tank tops is something that can be used for summer and fall! #multipurposelady 😉

Deals & Coupons: Besides the tank top find, I found a deal at Target where it was “spend $100 and get a $25 giftcard.”21686274_10103169295662950_8089200871035752970_nNot only that, I had $5.00 left on a giftcard from Swagbucks AND a 15% off coupon from my registry. I stocked up on baby wipes, diapers and some other baby toiletries we needed.  s-l300I used the $25 giftcard for Sammy’s beanies and other groceries at Target. A good deal [+ savings] is one of my favorite things!

Pumpkin Pie Halo Top: Can we say pumpkin heaven? I finally found the pumpkin Halo Top flavor at my supermarket. halo.jpgIt tastes so similar to a delicious pumpkin ice cream and is super creamy! Not too crazy about the graham cracker pieces but overall a new favorite.

Speaking of Fall flavors, this caramel apple pie yogurt is divine! 21761891_10103169295573130_7519493646233807705_nBath Bombs: I never really used a bath bomb before and I had this one from a basket I won from a Whole Foods Grand Opening near me. 21559019_10103169295628020_1589670430856826791_nThe lavender scent was very nice and subtle, as I am not a fan of strong lavender scents. I would definitely purchase on in the future to enjoy a nice bath here and there.

Dollar Tree Finds: I love finding cute stuff at Dollar Tree!pics.jpgThey had these new “beach themed” frames that I thought would be perfect for Sammy’s room. She loves our room so I decided to fix up some of her decor this week and make it some what “similar” to ours. 21762325_10103169342299490_8282209215757452896_oI also gave her our sheer curtains and took off her rail because she was having difficulty sleeping in her bed… she just wanted to be in our room.

Now she is sleeping WAY better in her own room. Phew!Friday-Favorites-Button-Life-In-Leggings-Link-Up-2That wraps up this edition of Friday favorites. I’m linking up with Heather over a Life In Leggings!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! 😀

TOL #12: Fall Lovin’

Can I just say that I absolutely love that the fall weather is approaching?21731035_10103161174697430_1035773052349818311_nSweater weather, apple picking, Fall decor and all things pumpkin are my favorite!20170904_105734Hello Pumpkin Spice coffee. 21740304_10103161391443070_6959236446386423957_nThis little section below I like to call “ours.”

I updated it with a pumpkin (Dollar Tree) and the wood-ish card my husband got me for our one year wedding anniversary (which was a couple of weeks ago). 20170912_103017I also added a cream/ orange colored flower (from the one in our living room) and some rafia in a mason jar (both from our wedding decor).

My desk has been my favorite space at night. 21743327_10103159454524670_5916058923240103407_nAfter de-cluttering it, I can relax once the toddler is in bed, read or watch some YouTube videos before the husband comes home from work.

Fall weather means more time outside… for us anyways. My husband and I are just not a fans of the heat. Anything low 70’s and below (til 50’s) is perfect. 20170909_105437It makes outdoor activities more enjoyable for all of us like our trip to Davis Farmland last week (my daughter loves chickens)…21462618_10103156248509550_3471313312387558914_nOr reading outside during my break at work.IMG_20170908_142332_980Fall things have been on my mind  lately so I’m linking up with Amanda for “thinking out LOUD” Thursday.Thinking-Out-LoudHave a wonderful rest of you week! 

Antepartum Depression

If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you will have seen a post about my “antepartum depression.”


“About one-fifth of pregnant women experience antepartum depression (depression during pregnancy). Depression is a common mental illness in which you feel strong negative emotions — including sadness, loss of interest, and hopelessness — that interfere with daily life for a prolonged period…”


It is true; it DOES exist. It is very taboo to have such thoughts because this should be the most joyous time. I was excited when I found out I was pregnant, but when we went in for the first ultrasound at 9 weeks (the doctor thought I was 12 weeks since I was measuring bigger), my world flipped upside down after seeing two babies.

At first I thought it was going to be okay, but as the weeks passed and my varicose veins began swelling and causing immense pain (there were days I could barely walk), I began to feel overwhelmed.

How was I going to be a mom of “three under three?” Was Samantha going to get the proper attention? Would she regress? How can I give her attention now if I can barely walk?

My husband has been so wonderful beyond words during this pregnancy. He has been supportive and has tried to comfort me day in and day out. It was tough to see him so happy for this adventure to come and I just couldn’t see it.

The happier he became, the more miserable I became. It was beginning to effect our relationship as well as my desire to keep moving through the day. I felt like a zombie, plain and simple. I was told that this was just initial shock and it would go away, but it didn’t go away and only manifested.

I do have a bit of anxiety and mild case of depression without being pregnant (fitness has my “drug” of choice for the last six years) but since I couldn’t work or workout as much, I became more alone with my thoughts and fears.

I finally told the doctor how I truly felt and I just knew that it was the right thing to do. I knew I wasn’t going to get better. I was told there were several options for me and that I could decide what I wanted to do. 

I ended up going on Zoloft, but little did I know Zoloft (and other sertraline medications) alleviate nerve pain, but only if you have a mood disorder. It’s only been a week and change on the medication but I do notice less pain and swelling in my leg. Walking is a bit more bearable, which helps me get through the day with the toddler.

I’m curious to see how the next few weeks go (takes two weeks to kick in). I know there are numerous reasons that I sank into this deep depression overtime. Hopefully the medication will allow me to think clearly (and more rationally) on how to plan for our future family of five ahead.

XO ❤


FFavorites #3: Dry Shampoo, Sweet Goodbyes, 100th Class & More!

Happy first Friday of the month!

It’s actually my FIRST Friday off in quiet some time; we are talking some time last year. I have other days off of course, but I love Fridays for less traffic and not to mention there are many activities that fall on Fridays at the library.

Last week, I taught my last few classes at Orangetheory. I started teaching there (before I knew I was pregnant) in April. Unfortunately the doctor said I needed to cut back on stand/ intense activity. 20170728_143014Everything at Orangetheory is modifiable but as an coach, you need to be able to demo the exercises efficiently and in proper form.

Hence me needing to take a step back. 20170728_084927They had a sweet little “goodbye” table for me with goodies. It was a fun morning and I even did a little competition in each class to win some Quest bars.20170728_060256Quest sent these Beyond cereal bars for the Orangetheory Westford crew to try out. The waffle is my favorite and is quiet delicious plus only 110 calories.

By the way, I have a chance for you to win a couple of waffle ones NEXT week. Stay tuned!

Speaking of bars, I’ve become obsessed with these peanut butter fudge Power Crunch bars. They just might be my new favorite brand!20507765_10103108465452180_7506811353208065794_oIt is so good and satisfies my chocolate peanut butter cravings, not to mention gives me some protein and bit of iron.

I finally reached my 100th class at Pure Barre a few weeks ago! I would have hit it sooner but you know #morningsickness. I had my first class with Emily and my 100th! 20170720_052857Here’s to 250 whenever the twins and toddler allow it to happen. 😉

Speaking of twins, since being pregnant (currently 21 weeks) this time around, I’ve gotten quiet lazy. 20525934_10103107167812660_1098829112357129064_n[Oh and check out my Time Turner necklace from my birthday. Any Harry Potter fans out there?]

Well, kidding… kind of. I’ve just been super tired and don’t want to spend a ton of time standing in the shower (due to my leg swelling).20479899_10103107103995550_6999484495086265186_n-e1501714787550.jpgI tried this Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak dry shampoo out at Orangetheory and fell in LOVE. I’ve tried many different brands but this one actually does the trick for my hair. I have very fine, oily hair.

Other brands I’ve tried weighed my hair down or made it more oily looking. Definitely check this one out! 20525454_10103107167742800_4771281198426195937_nI purchased mine at and in the above pictures I am going on day FOUR no wash (never before could I do that).

Lastly, I found these  Little Duck Organics fruit & veggie freeze dried snacks on sale at Whole Foods and decided to let Sammy give it a try. 20170803_165412She loved it all, except for the edamame. Guess that only makes it two-thirds of a favorite.

I’m linking up with Heather over at Life In Leggings for Friday Favorites. Friday-Favorites-Button-Life-In-Leggings-Link-Up-2Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Don’t forget to stay tuned for that giveaway coming NEXT week. 😀

Toddler Blueberry & Yogurt Muffins [GF]

I was making Samantha these pancakes for breakfast, but wanted to change it up/  do something easy in bulk. Muffins are easy and are even easier to make in bulk. I had a lot of blueberries and yogurt that needed to be used up, hence these bad boys.

Now I will warn ya; the reason they are called “toddler” muffins is due to lack of sugar. The original recipe calls for 1/2 cup, but I used 2 tablespoons and Samantha was a-okay. She doesn’t know the difference, but you might. There is plenty of sweetness from the blueberries and vanilla.20160731_083455If you must, add the 1/2 cup of sugar. I assure you, you won’t miss it. You can also make this recipe vegan by using soy, almond or coconut yogurt in place of cow’s. These can be used as a quick breakfast or even a snack.

Enough chit chat… let’s bake!
20160729_202409Toddler Blueberry & Yogurt Muffins* [makes about 2 dozen mini muffins]

  • 3/4 cup gluten free all purpose flour (I used this one)
  • 1 cup oat flour (click here to make your own)
  • 1/4 cup sugar (I used pure cane, feel free to use other)
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1/8 tsp sea salt
  • 1 cup fresh blueberries
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 1/3 cup organic low fat/ full fat vanilla yogurt
  • 1 large egg
  • 2 heaping Tbsp of Natural Peanut Butter (or your choice nut butter)**
  • 1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

In a bowl mix together first five [dry] ingredients until combined. Stir in blueberries until they are coated with the flour mixture. In a small bowl mix together the almond milk, yogurt, egg, peanut butter, cinnamon and vanilla extract.

Add this wet mixture to the dry and stir until combined. Be sure not to over mix or you’ll crush the blueberries. Place about 3 tablespoons of muffin mixture into a muffin pan then bake for about 14-16 minutes or until lightly golden.

Remove from oven and let cool for 5-10 minutes. These store great in the fridge for about a week and freeze well too!

Question: What’s your favorite quick and easy breakfast or snack to make in bulk?

*Inspired by this recipe

**Feel free to nix the nut butter all together, but I find the fat is better for the muffin 😉

FFavorites #1: July Favs!

Happy FriYAY. 😀

This is my first Friday Favorites on this blog and I am super excited to recap some of my favorite moments, finds & such of July. Tomorrow my baby girl is going to be ONE. Where did the time go?

  1. NYC trip: It was a smooth ride with the babe to and from NYC. 20160711_115928I got to hang out with my family and Sam got to visit the Bronx Zoo, Playland the beach, eat some Spanish food. Fun week!20160711_141220

2. Canobie Lake: The fiance and I had on overdue date together and we went to Canobie Lake! My first time there. Both of us hadn’t been to an amusement park in years, so it was fun to feel like a kid again… without the kid. 😉IMG_20160721_2148143. Chobani FlipHoney That’s Nuts! There are times where I like having Greek yogurt for breakfast if I know I’m going to have a busy morning. This Chobani Flip kept me full and fueled for almost the whole morning.20160802_075736

4. Core Hydration Water: I love that it has electrolytes + minerals and has the perfect pH to balance your body. I save these for those super hot, muggy days.IMG_20160729_132347

5. Fruit Picking: We went raspberry picking early in July and blueberry picking yesterday at Smolak Farms. 20160804_100958Nothing like getting your fruit straight from the source!13512001_10102573927071380_940931602135429243_n

6. Breakfast Dates: Let’s face it… it’s too hot to cook all the time. Sometimes Sam and I would go out for breakfast dates [sometimes Dad would come too]. It’s always nice when someone else cooks for ya. 😉20160717_083512That’s a wrap of my recap for July favs. There were plenty of fun things over the last month, but these are the things that stood out the most. favoritesI’m linking up with Heather over at Life In Leggings. Thanks for hosting!

Question: What was YOUR favorite thing about July 2016?