20-20-20 Circuit Training Workout

Instead of a Tabata for 'Tabata Tuesday' in October, I am going to share with you a sweaty circuit training workout, I've been having some of my clients do as of late. This workout has 4 rounds; each round has 3 exercises that you perform 3 times total for... you guessed it... 20 repetitions each. … Continue reading 20-20-20 Circuit Training Workout


Tabata Tuesday #2: Kettlebell Style!

Morning friends. 😀 I am dropping in today to share another Tabata workout! This time, we are going to be using kettlebells. If you are wondering "what the heck is Tabata" then you need to check out THIS post first. Today we are NOT going to get that fancy with moves, but we are going to … Continue reading Tabata Tuesday #2: Kettlebell Style!