FFavorites #2: Honest Co., Raspberries & More!

Happy FRIYAY my friends. 🙂 In the past couple of weeks, raspberry picking has opened up in the local farms. I tried golden ones for the first time and they reminded me of a green grape. Sammy enjoyed eating picking with us too. 😉 Raspberries all day, everyday! I decided to get a second Honest Company bundle. … Continue reading FFavorites #2: Honest Co., Raspberries & More!


Friday Fitness: Let’s Get Summer Ready!

This workout will whip you into summer shape FAST. 😉 Well... maybe not exactly fast, but it will help you tone up those arms [for tank tops], core and legs [for short shorts!]. You can do this workout 2 times a week. Mix it into your current routine, add some cardio (30-45mins) and you're good to … Continue reading Friday Fitness: Let’s Get Summer Ready!