5-8-5-8 Circuit Workout!

Way into my second trimester [25 weeks], my energy level has gone up!

However, I can’t last as long as I use to. I like to do quick 25-30 minute workouts to get a little sweaty and keep those muscles strong. I did this workout this past week for myself then one of my classes. Everyone was sore, but the good kind of sore. 😉21077505_10103134869094070_9222126601496992949_n[‘Breathe’ Workout Tank]

All you have to do is set a timer (I use a HIIT Interval Timer App) for 5 minutes first and perform as many of the moves as many times as you can in set one. Rest for about a minute then move on to set two.

Set your timer now for 8 minutes and continue til you  complete all 4 sets for 26 minutes of total work [29 if you count the rests].

I like the app because you can make the entire workout out and don’t have to worry about keeping track of time because it will just go for you. 

Don’t forget to warm up and cool down after. If I am at the gym, I’ll do some rowing or biking for 3-5 minutes. Other wise I’ll do some squats, modified jumping jacks & plank sets to get my heart rate up!

***5858 circuit

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below or email me at fitcoffeemom15@Gmail.com!


FFavorites #2: Honest Co., Raspberries & More!

Happy FRIYAY my friends. 🙂

In the past couple of weeks, raspberry picking has opened up in the local farms.20170712_085832 I tried golden ones for the first time and they reminded me of a green grape. Sammy enjoyed eating picking with us too. 😉 19956618_10103074567803340_8970169755204429574_oRaspberries all day, everyday!20170707_072116 I decided to get a second Honest Company bundle. I wanted to try the apricot kiss scent and get a couple of my favorites – like the lavender wash/ lotion plus the cleaner to start stocking up for the the twins. 20170620_172540To be honest (no pun intended), the apricot kiss scent was not that great but I will say that is it super moisturizing as it states.

I also wanted to try the grapefruit soap since it seemed to be out of stock last time – LOVE it and it definitely my new favorite soap scent.

Oh and I can’t forget the bug spray; it smells A-mazing and works pretty well!

I ran out of detangling spray for Sammy and I so I looked online for some DIY versions. Let me tell you it works like a charm! I used an Aveeno conditioner that I had and it literally works exactly the same as a store bought one.DIY sprayHello money saving!

Lastly, through reading twin pregnancy related things (have to love ads), I came across an ad for this “Noobie Box.20170630_202315 It’s basically a subscription box that comes with samples of various pregnancy and/or baby related products! The first one is free but you do have to pay shipping.

I haven’t tried the bottle, onsie, diapers (obviously) or the skin oil treatment just yet but I did try these vitamins!20170630_202456 They were SO delicious, way better then my current prenatal gummy. I did spot them at Whole Foods but they are almost double the price of my current one. 20170630_202501But if you are looking for a good clean prenatal gummy -this is IT!

That about wraps up this SECOND edition of Friday Favorites. I’m linking up with Heather over at Life in Leggings; thanks for hosting!Friday-Favorites-Button-Life-In-Leggings-Link-Up-2Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

Friday Fitness: Let’s Get Summer Ready!

This workout will whip you into summer shape FAST. 😉

Well… maybe not exactly fast, but it will help you tone up those arms [for tank tops], core and legs [for short shorts!].

You can do this workout 2 times a week. Mix it into your current routine, add some cardio (30-45mins) and you’re good to go! 19437551_10103052791657910_4590634281699881523_n.jpgThis workout is safe to do while you are pregnant [as always, please contact your doctor first before starting any new workout regimen].

I wear THIS belly band for extra support (makes a huge difference, trust me).

You can always shoot me a message to learn more about my personalized coaching programs HERE!


*Keep an eye on repetition counts for the exercises in each round. Rest for one minute between each round. Be sure to warm up and cool down!

Resistance Band Workout [Tabata Style]

Nausea has taken the best of me like I mentioned last week.

If I’m home for the day, I am good to workout after 11:00am once my nausea has subsided. My daughter usually naps by noon, so it’s a perfect time to get a quick sweat sesh in!

I never really used the resistance band for an ENTIRE workout, but I wanted to do something different for my Tabata routine. I have it at home, so might as well use it!

I like to use “A HIIT Interval Timer” from the app store for timing.

Tabata is simply an interval training workout that has 20 seconds of “work” and 10 seconds of “rest” for 4 minutes each round. I like to do EIGHT rounds; totaling 32 minutes.

I use my stationary bike at home to warm-up for about FIVE minutes, then I get that timer going.  Click HERE and HERE to see some pictures of the moves I mention below with the resistance band.

Note: For the exercises with an * next to them, just take the band and wrap it around the top hinge of your door as is in the picture below.18881717_10103008813525440_3287958496224982322_nHere’s the resistance band routine that I just have to share with y’all:

Resistance Band Tabata [8 Rounds, 32** Minutes Total] 

  1. Sumo Squat*
  2. Jump Squat [hold on to the bands as pictured and jump]*
  3. Upright Row
  4. Bicep Curls
  5. Jumping Lunges [hold on to the bands and alternate each leg, option to just down alternating reverse lunges]*
  6. Sumo Squat w/ Overhead Press
  7. Sumo Squat w/ Low Row [as pictured]*
  8. Deadlift

**For more information on my fitness routine/ coaching click here.

Tabata Tuesday #4: Cardio Burst!

And… I’m back for another Tabata Tuesday installment! Granted I know it’s Wednesday, but I forgot to post it 😉

What is Tabata? Click HERE for the details!20170405_111338.jpgSpring in coming, so it’s time to get those body ready for summer fun!

For this routine, you won’t need any dumbbells and can do it anywhere!

However, you do have the option to add in dumbbells where ever you see a “*” if you want an extra challenge/ have them handy.17016085_10102885148695750_7930719254177464392_oSet your timer for 20 seconds WORK, 10 seconds REST. You’re going to perform each move for 4 minutes (8 rounds total).

We have EIGHT moves for a total of 32 minutes (be sure to warm up before and stretch after your workout). You can go straight through for 32 minutes or rest for a minute after each move, which will bring your total time to 40 minutes.

  1. Skaters (tap side to side to modify)
  2. Squats*
  3. Jumping Lunges* (do alternating lunges to modify)
  4. Situps*
  5. Jump Squats* (squat pulse to modify)
  6. Mountain Climbers (take one knee in at a time slowly to modify)
  7. Plank & Tap (tap your hand to opposite shoulder; alternate)
  8. Plank Jax (tap side to side with each leg in plank to modify)


For personalized workouts AND meal plans, check out my coaching page HERE.

Fitness & Healthy Living

Today I am sharing with y’all my current fitness and healthy living routine.20170202_131140I have posted some posts on Barre and Tabatawhich I still both do. But I’ve started to incorporate more strength training and cardio on my own time (or finding classes here and there to take).

I had to buy new sneakers since my ASICS were dying on me. I got these Everlast ones that were on sale. I absolutely love them for strength training!20170306_074344I have the say the combination of Pure Barre and Tabata has been amazing for my body. I haven’t felt this strong (and toned) since I did bodybuilding pre-baby in 2014. 20170317_080827I can even do tricep push-ups; something I was never able to do. I try to do barre 3-4 times a week. I teach 3 Barre classes a week and try to take 2-3 Pure Barre classes on my own.

Here’s what my current fitness routine looks like during the week:

  • Monday: Barre Class (Lower Body & Core)
  • Tuesday: Rest Day
  • Wednesday: Barre & Tabata Class
  • Thursday: Barre Class
  • Friday: Tabata/ Strength Training
  • Saturday: Cardio Barre
  • Sunday: Active Rest Day

I also am updating the top 15 items I try to stock in my fridge/ pantry (for Samantha & I). You can check out my favorites from from last year HERE (very slight change).

  1. Instant Plain Oatmeal Packets (for the added iron for my anemic self)
  2. Teddy’s Natural Peanut Butter
  3. Chia or Flax Seeds (whichever was on sale)
  4. Trail Mix (from WholeFoods Bulk area)
  5. Fresh/Frozen Fruits and Veggies
  6. Milk (whole dairy plus soy or almond)
  7. Protein Bars (I try to have a few Quest bars on hand)
  8. Greek Yogurt (store brand or Stonyfield)
  9. String Cheese or Babybel Light
  10. Gluten-Free Pretzels
  11. Harvest Snap Pea Crisps
  12. Alexia Sweet Potato Fries (Sam loves them!)
  13. Boca Veggie Burgers
  14. Dark Chocolate (Usually Ghirardelli 72%)
  15. Eggs

Is every week perfect? Absolutely not. 20170225_151313Just like I mentioned over a year ago, things are going to come up or happen, especially with a toddler. But I’ve learned to focus on eating more; if I can’t get to the gym, I make sure my eating is on point. I also focus less on the scale. 20170302_155503I weight myself about once a month (last time I was 153lbs) now and try to just go based off of my clothes. I like the size that I am at so I know if my clothes are starting to feel snug, I have to kick it up a notch. 😉

TOL #9: Thank YOU [+ Giveaway]


Did day light savings time throw you off this week?20161108_101938***

Oh, guess what? The Fit Coffee Mom Facebook page has reached 100 likes! This transition has been on my mind for a few months now. I have to say, it has been a tough going from Nutritiously Sweet to Fit Coffee Mom. BfastI had established N.S over the span of 5 years. I just didn’t feel much of a connection to it anymore due to my new “mom lifestyle.” 20160823_151440I still enjoy my sweets, but I don’t find myself baking as much anymore. From time to time, I will create goodies for Samantha like her toddler muffins or some healthier Reese for myself.20160914_174000 Other then that, it isn’t a weekly occurrence as it use to be.

As promised on Facebook, I am hosting a giveaway for reaching 100 likes!

It will include a copy of my virtual bookcamp e-book for FREE. Just in time for the holidays to whip your butt into pie eating shape. I’m just kidding, but in all seriously, why else would you want to burn extra calories?bootcamp#kidding #maybe 😉

Giveaway will include:

A $25 gift card to Target. Who doesn’t like Target? You can grab some coffee, protein bars and something for baby all at once. 😉

And as mentioned, my Virtual Bootcamp Ebook –4 weeks of fitness, health tips & more (a 29.99 value)!

How do you enter to WIN?*

Simple. Leave a comment below telling me what you are THANKFUL for this season. For THREE extra chances to win, you can do one or ALL of the following:

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Thank again for your support friends.

I am linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons for Thinking OUT Loud Thursdays, thanks for hosting!Thinking-Out-LoudHave a great rest of your week. 🙂

*Giveaway closes on November 17th 11:59 EST. Winner will receive both giftcard and ebook via email by November 20th.