Practicing Mindfulness

Along with my [Facebook] social media detox, I also deleted the Starbucks app.*Gasps,* I know. But I re-downloaded it when my aunt sent me a gift card for mother's day. I didn't have to but I decided why not? I'll treat myself. Once the money runs out, then I'll delete it again. I didn't mentioned … Continue reading Practicing Mindfulness


Our Family’s Top 10 Food Staples + Grocery Haul!

I remember the days when I was just a college student; my grocery bill was under $40 a week. When the hubs and I had our first child, once she really started eating, our highest grocery bill was about $75 a week.On average, our grocery bill is currently $125-$150 for a family of five.Now there are … Continue reading Our Family’s Top 10 Food Staples + Grocery Haul!