FFavorites #4: Empower, Sugar Buns & More!

Whoohoo, Friday Friday!

I had my first Friday off last week in like IONS but I am back at it today.

Fridays at work is nice. It’s pretty low key as everyone either works from home or head home early (at the cooperate office gym). I usually take time before the start of my shift to get my stretch on.

I had a Panera coupon offer for $5 off delivery and totally took advantage!20170816_172618 (1) I ended up paying the same price if I didn’t do the delivery with the tip, but hey… I’ll take it! Good coupons are my favorite.

Last weekend we stopped by our town’s Farmer’s Market. I’ve been wanting to go for weeks not but somehow, the morning escapes us! We spotted a section selling baked goods and had to get in on this ‘sugar bun’ thang. It was part cinnamon roll, part sugar donut mixed with a croissant. SO GOOD! 

I totally earned that sugar bun as I went to Pure Barre earlier that day for an “Empower” class preview.They used wrist/ ankle weights and amp’d the cardio from their usual cardio based barred class. I can’t wait to go all the time post babies, it was such a fun class and definitely my new favorite!

Sammy and I went blueberry picking too.We went last year but I had to carry her. This time she got to eat pick the blueberries by herself and help me load the bucket! It’s becoming one of my favorite activities with her; she loves being in nature.

Sometimes she does get too adventurous and gives me a heart attack. #momlife 😉


Giveaway* winner is official… congrats to Rachel (@rparks_fit) for winning the mommy & toddler goodies! randomI’m also linking up with Heather over at Life In Leggings for Friday Favorites. Friday-Favorites-Button-Life-In-Leggings-Link-Up-2Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. 🙂

*This giveaway was cross posted on Instagram so a big thank you to everyone who entered!

Samantha Turns TWO!

Samantha is officially TWO (as of August 6th). ❤ Samantha Birthday Girl-2We had a Trolls “themed” birthday party/ baby sprinkle. Cupcake FestI order a cake/ cupcake set from our supermarket asking them to do a “swirl” of the Trolls colors. 20597312_10103111301753210_7162343633702041982_nI loved how it turned out! I topped it with a couple of figurines she got for her birthday; she’s Poppy and the two little Trolls represent her baby sister and brother! Birthday August2017-19I made a hand sanitizer favor for the ladies for the “baby sprinkle” part.20170805_082938If I may say, I think they came out quite adorable!20170805_082951The kids also got goodie bags and although it rained during her birthday BBQ, we had a blast!


Here are some of Samantha’s current toy/ food likes. It’s fun to see how she’s changed even from just a few months ago.

Current food likes:

We still aren’t into veggies, although she will eat some at playschool. She isn’t a fan of meat either except for those nuggets or on occasion, a bite of my Subway turkey sandwich. She was all for it before then fell off of it at around 11 months.

I’m not too concerned because she eats plenty of foods with iron plus she takes a multi-vitamin (as per her doctor).

Current toy/ activity likes:

  • Swings – Any time of swing/ swinging motion she is obsessed with.
  • Bouncing – She loves using the trampoline at MyGym.
  • Farms – Raspberry picking and being outdoors in grassy fields.19956618_10103074567803340_8970169755204429574_o
  • Color/ Object Naming – She LOVES pointing out colors or objects and making sounds, especially when we head to the park or an unfamiliar place.
  • Library – Playing with the doll house or Mr. Potato Head.
  • Trolls – Hence the birthday party theme. Her favorite “Trolls” things are

If you checked the blog earlier this week, you’ll see the “routine” that we are trying to get Sam on. It’s good for her to have a routine to keep her brain flowing but also good for when the twins come. 20170801_105921We are trying to implement independent play times that way she doesn’t feel like mom and dad are ignoring her – rather it’s just part of her daily routine.

That recaps Sammy’s birthday BBQ and some likes for the start of age two! Excited to see how she grows this year each and every day, especially once the twins come.

Have a great weekend y’all. 🙂

Day In The Life: Summer Day w/ My Toddler

It’s that time of the week… “hump”day!

I haven’t done one of these “day in the life of posts in a while. Now that I’ve taken my hours down a bit at work, I have more time in the week to spend time with Sammy.

Note: we don’t follow a “schedule” on playschool or Saturdays aka family day!


7:15am: We go into Sammy’s room and find her awake (not sure what time!). She’s been sleeping in her very own big girl bed since about 18 months. On occasion, we’ll catch her reading her Trolls book.

After a few minutes of “good mornings” and cuddles, the husband or I does a quick diaper change then we get Sammy some breakfast.

7:30am: Today she wanted my Special K red berries cereal. We also did half of a banana and a piece of multi-grain bread. 20627081_10103108545796170_4293872841416132400_oI made myself breakfast or heat up some oats I prepped the night before really quick and eat with her.

8:30am: Once Sammy is done with breakfast, I get her cleaned up, her teeth brush and change her outfit depending on where we plan to head out for the day.

8:30am: Structured Activity: This is new for Sammy! We are trying to get some time planned early to get her brain flowing. At the moment we do flash cards (with “first words” or colors) or color/ word search in books. Once she gets this down, we’ll move on to numbers and letters).20170801_1059219:00am: Independent Play. This usually involves her Troll book (that’s she’s obsessed with) or her Leapfrog laptop. I found a few “toddler schedules” online and loved this idea. Especially since Sammy is going to have two new siblings in the winter, it will be good to get her used to this.

She already does well playing on her own, but now it’s structured and makes mommy’s life easier! I set a timer for about 45 minutes (on the stove) and I’ll clean the kitchen, check emails, get myself ready for the day, etc.

9:45am: Snack and Outside Play: We have different activities we do in the summer but we’ll go to the library (if it’s really hot), to the park, the beach museum or even fruit picking.20170801_11105511:45am: Lunchtime! I make sure to come back home by this time to get Sammy some lunch and some for myself too. Sometimes we’ll eat at the kitchen table; other times her little table in the living room.

Today I heated something quick; A few chicken nuggets, potatoes fries, snap pea crisps, mandarins and a couple of blueberries with a side of almond milk. 20170803_163936The blueberries were not planned… she just took them out of the fridge and handed them to me and said “please.”

12:45pm: Naptime!

During naps, I’ll do some cleaning, laundry… maybe even have a snack if I’m extra hungry!  I try to be productive, then get rest; maybe read or watch YouTube videos.20643404_10103115262256330_7681286838216990890_o2:45pm: Wake up! She usually needs a diaper change and I’ll get her a light snack to hold her until dinner. She loves Snyder’s gluten-free pretzel sicks and peanut butter! 20170718_074832I also gave her the piece of multi-grain bread she didn’t finish from breakfast. After her snack, we’ll have some “screen time” and play. Lately it’s been part of the Trolls movie, Superwings or Ruff Ruff, Tweet & Dave.

During this time I’ll hang out (and interact with her shows, asking her questions) with her til about 4:30-5:00pm and then get dinner ready.

6:00pm: Dinner is usually the tough meal of the day. Sometimes it breakfast or it can be pizza. We try to give her different foods each week but she’s definitely in pick mode!

6:45pm: Bath time!20170511_1006147:30pm: Quiet time begins. Sammy will have some milk & a few animal crackers while she reads one of her books. Sometimes she’ll want us to read it, other times she just sits quietly in bed. We do a quick teeth brushing before getting her tucked into bed.

8:15pm: Bedtime: I’ll spruce up any of Sam’s mess and her toys then relax for the rest of the evening while I wait for Pat to come home from work.20170730_19431310:30pmBedtime for mama! Some days I fall asleep by 10:00pm or earlier just because making two babies at once is EXHAUSTING!

That’s a wrap on this “day in the life of” with the toddler! Is this schedule perfect? No. Does she follow it to a “T” everyday? Not at all! But getting your toddler on a routine helps them and you too!

I want her to have some type of routine to help her out, especially for when the twins come! Her independent and free play times will be great to manage the twins while Sammy can still feel like she’s still in her routine… I’m hoping. 😉

Question: What are some of your top activities that YOU do with your toddlers during the day?

GIVEAWAY + Money Saving Tips & Tricks!

I decided to drop in and share some money savings tips and tricks. With the twins on the way, I’ve been trying to up my savings game. As self-employed individual, I don’t get any “maternity leave” money.

It’s up to me to save up for those 8-12 weeks. Here’s the top FIVE things I’ve been doing lately (and in general) to save money for our family!

  1. Sign up for COUPONS: Now I know this may seem simple, but are there any brands your family likes? Most of the times companies will email (or even mail) coupons! Some of our favorite brands are Happy Family & Stonyfield.
  2. Find Deals on Your FAVORITE Sites: From time to time, I’ll order an Honest Company bundle; that is when they email me that it’s “spend $25 and get free shipping.” I also will use Walmart as well for items like Quest Bars, toilet paper, diapers and wipes. They now have a “thing” if you choose to get your items a few days later at checkout, you get an extra discount! walmart savesThis order was literally a different of 4 days. If you’re patient, select it at check out and you’ll save some dough!
  3. Buy in BULK: Sometimes I find myself venturing to Whole Foods on my work break (it’s 10 minutes away). 20479997_10103107040083630_1378771145116204968_nI usually browse the produce for any deals, then head to the bulk section. I like to get various seeds, nut butter, oats and a some trail mixes in bulk. It comes out cheaper then the prepackaged stuff in the supermarket. 20170718_074832I can get a pretty big size on pumpkin seeds for about $3.00 when it most likely will cost me $4-$6 prepackaged.
  4. Make a LIST*… and stick to it! Every few months, I analyze our master list of our major household and grocery needs. From there, I’ll see what we are missing from the house and add it to my “list of things to buy” for the week.20525893_10103107059699320_8608933800748469155_nOtherwise, you’ll find yourself spending extra money on things you didn’t need to buy or was just an impulse spend. It makes a huge difference in the long run… trust me. (*Note how out of order this list is, haha!)
  5. Sign up for different REGISTRIES: This applies if you are expecting but let me tell you… shop AROUND. I’ve signed up for registries through Target, Buy Buy Baby and Babies R’ Us. All three places give a goodie bag with free samples of diapers, wipes, baby wash, pacifiers, etc. 20637947_10103107005438060_5507139147317550314_nNot to mention TONS of coupons. My favorite goodie bag was from Target (and it comes in this cute tote bag aka my lunch bag). Target and Babies R’ Us do a “completion coupon” a few weeks before your due date in case there are some things left over on your list, you can get them at a discount!


Giveaway Time!

I am giving away a ton of coupons and snacks for momm and toddler, including stuff from Happy Family, Stonyfield, Quest, Kind bar and more.giveawayThey’ll be a couple more goodies that are not even shown too! All you have to do is comment to this post telling me you’re best money saving tip. 😉

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FFavorites #3: Dry Shampoo, Sweet Goodbyes, 100th Class & More!

Happy first Friday of the month!

It’s actually my FIRST Friday off in quiet some time; we are talking some time last year. I have other days off of course, but I love Fridays for less traffic and not to mention there are many activities that fall on Fridays at the library.

Last week, I taught my last few classes at Orangetheory. I started teaching there (before I knew I was pregnant) in April. Unfortunately the doctor said I needed to cut back on stand/ intense activity. 20170728_143014Everything at Orangetheory is modifiable but as an coach, you need to be able to demo the exercises efficiently and in proper form.

Hence me needing to take a step back. 20170728_084927They had a sweet little “goodbye” table for me with goodies. It was a fun morning and I even did a little competition in each class to win some Quest bars.20170728_060256Quest sent these Beyond cereal bars for the Orangetheory Westford crew to try out. The waffle is my favorite and is quiet delicious plus only 110 calories.

By the way, I have a chance for you to win a couple of waffle ones NEXT week. Stay tuned!

Speaking of bars, I’ve become obsessed with these peanut butter fudge Power Crunch bars. They just might be my new favorite brand!20507765_10103108465452180_7506811353208065794_oIt is so good and satisfies my chocolate peanut butter cravings, not to mention gives me some protein and bit of iron.

I finally reached my 100th class at Pure Barre a few weeks ago! I would have hit it sooner but you know #morningsickness. I had my first class with Emily and my 100th! 20170720_052857Here’s to 250 whenever the twins and toddler allow it to happen. 😉

Speaking of twins, since being pregnant (currently 21 weeks) this time around, I’ve gotten quiet lazy. 20525934_10103107167812660_1098829112357129064_n[Oh and check out my Time Turner necklace from my birthday. Any Harry Potter fans out there?]

Well, kidding… kind of. I’ve just been super tired and don’t want to spend a ton of time standing in the shower (due to my leg swelling).20479899_10103107103995550_6999484495086265186_n-e1501714787550.jpgI tried this Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak dry shampoo out at Orangetheory and fell in LOVE. I’ve tried many different brands but this one actually does the trick for my hair. I have very fine, oily hair.

Other brands I’ve tried weighed my hair down or made it more oily looking. Definitely check this one out! 20525454_10103107167742800_4771281198426195937_nI purchased mine at Target.com and in the above pictures I am going on day FOUR no wash (never before could I do that).

Lastly, I found these  Little Duck Organics fruit & veggie freeze dried snacks on sale at Whole Foods and decided to let Sammy give it a try. 20170803_165412She loved it all, except for the edamame. Guess that only makes it two-thirds of a favorite.

I’m linking up with Heather over at Life In Leggings for Friday Favorites. Friday-Favorites-Button-Life-In-Leggings-Link-Up-2Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Don’t forget to stay tuned for that giveaway coming NEXT week. 😀

Day of Eats: Pregnant Edition

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you may have seen that we are Team… “YELLOW.”20170717_155045We are having another girl and a baby boy and we couldn’t be happier! Both babies are doing well and are healthy.20170717_155043***

I don’t think I’ve shared a day of its on this blog.

For those who may remember, I use to be “Nutritiously Sweet” before I switched to Fit Coffee Mom. I did a ton of “What I Ate Wednesdays” but then once I got pregnant with Samantha, my day of eats became boring or super receptive.

Not to mention unhealthy some days... #pregnancycravings

For this day of eats, I’ll be sharing one of my work days during this pregnancy!

This post has been requested by some, so here goes nothing. 😉


Pre-breakfast:  I usually wake up pretty hungry, so I’ll have either toast or a banana to curb the hunger while I get dressed/ ready for my day.

Breakfast: It varies between Special K’s Red Berries cereal, oatmeal or Nutrigrain whole wheat waffles! 18671124_10103006128830590_2326381334240356815_nFor this day, I added a little chia, sunflower seeds, peanut butter, blackberries and splash of pure maple syrup.

Snack #1: I get pretty hungry quick no matter how big of a breakfast I have (because you know twins). I’ll usually do a serving of snap pea crisps with cheese… with coffee. 20170726_163407The baby boy in me make craves these salty things!

Lunch: Sometimes I’ll grab lunch from the cafe at work, other times I’ll do a frozen meal or leftovers. I try not to do too many frozen foods, but I do love these Healthy Choice steamers because you can control the sodium.20170728_075433The sauce is separate from the meal. I only add 1/4 of the sauce for flavor and I’ll add a little bit more rice for extra carbs/ energy.

Snack #2: Baby girl gives me those sweet cravings! 20170726_162240I’ll usually have some fruit. Lately it’s been red grapes or strawberries.

I’ll also do a couple dark chocolate truffles. #Yum 20170726_162005Dinner: I used to have dinner at work before pregnancy, but now I’ll have a “pre-dinner,” of a yogurt with half a bagel and peanut butter. 20170720_100921I don’t get home til 8:30pm and I am usually starving.

On these long work days, it something light like an eggwhite sandwich with cheese and maybe even 1/2 of a packet of Shakeology (or Vega Nutrition). 20170728_075404I’m still having a terrible time getting nutrients in from veggies, so Shakeology makes up for it! I also usually teach two classes (a barre & Tabata) so I need to refuel as many of those burned calories as I can.

Snack #3: Maybe a chocolate chip cookie [or 3] or some pretzel sticks if I’m feeling a little salty. 😉

That wraps of this post of a pregnancy day of eats! You can see there isn’t too much meat or veggies as I am working my way to get those in.

Eating 5-6 small meals during the day helps to keep the hunger at bay, especially with two little ones hogging my nutrients!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! 🙂

FFavorites #2: Honest Co., Raspberries & More!

Happy FRIYAY my friends. 🙂

In the past couple of weeks, raspberry picking has opened up in the local farms.20170712_085832 I tried golden ones for the first time and they reminded me of a green grape. Sammy enjoyed eating picking with us too. 😉 19956618_10103074567803340_8970169755204429574_oRaspberries all day, everyday!20170707_072116 I decided to get a second Honest Company bundle. I wanted to try the apricot kiss scent and get a couple of my favorites – like the lavender wash/ lotion plus the cleaner to start stocking up for the the twins. 20170620_172540To be honest (no pun intended), the apricot kiss scent was not that great but I will say that is it super moisturizing as it states.

I also wanted to try the grapefruit soap since it seemed to be out of stock last time – LOVE it and it definitely my new favorite soap scent.

Oh and I can’t forget the bug spray; it smells A-mazing and works pretty well!

I ran out of detangling spray for Sammy and I so I looked online for some DIY versions. Let me tell you it works like a charm! I used an Aveeno conditioner that I had and it literally works exactly the same as a store bought one.DIY sprayHello money saving!

Lastly, through reading twin pregnancy related things (have to love ads), I came across an ad for this “Noobie Box.20170630_202315 It’s basically a subscription box that comes with samples of various pregnancy and/or baby related products! The first one is free but you do have to pay shipping.

I haven’t tried the bottle, onsie, diapers (obviously) or the skin oil treatment just yet but I did try these vitamins!20170630_202456 They were SO delicious, way better then my current prenatal gummy. I did spot them at Whole Foods but they are almost double the price of my current one. 20170630_202501But if you are looking for a good clean prenatal gummy -this is IT!

That about wraps up this SECOND edition of Friday Favorites. I’m linking up with Heather over at Life in Leggings; thanks for hosting!Friday-Favorites-Button-Life-In-Leggings-Link-Up-2Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!