Day In The Life: Work Day.

I haven't done a "day in the life" post in a while, so I figured I share one in terms of a typical work day for me vs. a #momlife one. Don't worry, one of those are coming soon too. 😉 Typically, I have two to three of these work days each week and the … Continue reading Day In The Life: Work Day.

HVMN MCT Oil Powder & Keto Collagen Review.

A few months ago, HVMN reached out and sent me some samples of their [unflavored] Keto Collagen+ and [chocolate] MCT Oil powder. I will say right off the bat that I didn’t like the MCT powder oil too much. MCT oil has been shown to increase the release of two hormones that promote the feeling … Continue reading HVMN MCT Oil Powder & Keto Collagen Review.

Nighttime Routine [w/ 3 Kids]

Since focusing more on my nightly self care habits after the kids have gone to bed, I've developed somewhat of a "night time" routine. Here’s what my current nighttime routine looks like with three kids: 6:00: Clean the kitchen up post dinner and give the kids some milk.At this moment, the kids do their own thing. I turn … Continue reading Nighttime Routine [w/ 3 Kids]