Currently: Workout Routine.

I’ll admit I got into a bit of a funk when it came to myself for workouts. I would say it started when Samantha was about 4 months old. Yes, I was going to the gym, working out and teaching but I just felt kinda lost and blah. Even fitness professionals get that way! After all, we are human.

This week I decided to re-evaluate my fitness goals. I hit my pre-pregnancy weight last month and now what do I do? I still want to aim for my pre-surgery weight but I am quite content with the shape and size of my body. Now it’s just a matter of toning up tone muscles.

Pre-surgery I was 158lbs. It may seem like a weird number to get to by I know 5 more pounds off my body will make me feel much better in terms of all my running around. 🙂

My plan for this month is the following:

  • Monday: Tabata & Barre Class (Lower Body & Core)
  • Tuesday: Rest Day!
  • Wednesday: Body Sculpt (I usually focus on Upper Body, but it is total body)
  • Thursday: Kettlebells (Total Body), Barre Class (Lower Body & Core)
  • Friday: Rest Day!
  • Saturday: Tabata (Upper Body & Core)
  • Sunday: Yoga/ Barre

I haven’t been focused on macros at all but I seem to be within reason when I enter on My Fitness Pal. I decided to redo them from my post-pregnancy/ breastfeeding macros. They are now about 2100 calories, 105 protein, 70 Fat and 260 carb.

Again this is just a rough estimate. Am I going to follow it to a T? No but I want to get close as possible. I want to maintain this weight for the most part and let those 5lbs come off over time. I feel good now and I am just going to focus on building my body.

I decided to go back to my pictures and found my photos pre-surgery in 2014. This body was my BEST body (I was also in beginnings of Bodybuilding). I was healthy, I had energy, I had muscle tone and my goal since then was to just get BACK THERE. In 2014 I was 158 and I am 162 now.

Scale doesn’t matter (to an extent of course)… it’s how you feel! My tummy isn’t all there as it was in 2014 but wow I couldn’t believe I got “THAT” body back. I can say I really feel good.

There is no magic pill… just better food choices and exercise. Yes I eat cookies, yes I eat cake and PIZZA. All in moderation. My mom says I am a broken record but it’s true. You don’t have to sacrifice things. Make those baby steps/ small changes that will have a BIG impact on your overall health and wellness.Question: How about you? What are you current goals or things you are trying to focus on for your health?


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