Currently: De-cluttering & Toy Organization

As summer is coming to a “close,” I’ve been doing a ton of “spring” cleaning…38065517_10103486141885580_1781159934499487744_nI started going through my fall and winter boxes that I had for the kiddos and found that I really didn’t need much.

The toddler is good, as I stocked up for her during last winter’s clearance deals.38778002_10103495399208830_716557100825706496_oAlly just needs a couple of long sleeve items since Samantha was in spring/ summer at her size. Ally is almost nine months and is a size 9-12 and Harry is 12-18 months.38786263_10103495399997250_2300149763774873600_nFor him, we have some clothes from friends, family as well as some stocking I did during last winter clearance too! #clearancelady 😉38797484_10103495399637970_7641531411324731392_nI’ve also gone through the toys… kids toys are always so chaotic.

I feel like I just organized the toys.

Well to be fair, we moved into the house in late March so I guess 4ish months isn’t bad that it was somewhat decent. We now USE the toy box and if you remember from a previous post, it’s where I stored toys that were NOT in use.38071624_10103486141800750_3682990320959619072_nNow that the toddler knows how to open the it, it’s not practical for “non-use” storage anymore. 38130803_10103486141710930_505039479145234432_nI took out the toys she didn’t really use/ wasn’t appropriate for the twins just yet, and stored them in our back shed. 38247298_10103486141745860_4726197633314455552_nI’ll definitely rotate toys (as I do with books) and it will feel brand new! I’ve started to do it with the twins too and it makes all the difference.38085365_10103486141506340_8574922044917940224_n***

We also had all three kiddos in the same room last month. 

We decided since Harry still wakes up in the middle of the night (1-2 times), we put him back into our room and put the kitchen back in “kids” room.38204071_10103486142409530_5887018815434260480_nSo far that has been great! #winning 😀

Now that things are tidied up (for the most part), we need to hit the beach, pool and raspberry picking again before the summer ends.

What are some your plans during the last few weeks of “summer?”


Twins {8 Months Old}

So much has changed since my last post about the kiddos. ❤36913014_10103464583528700_6853943170695168_n (1).jpgHarrison is full on crawling (started at end of month 6) and can lift himself to stand. It’s a constant battle to make sure he doesn’t fall on his head! His balance is getting much better day by day.

Ally is not there yet with crawling, but she does pivot and do a back crawl. I love watching both of them progress but they do it so differently and I find it fascinating. 36816334_10103464583593570_902011473679613952_nAlly chews her food better than Harry and prefers “regular food” like eggs and chicken. Harry has been more into purees like sweet potato, pear and pineapple purees.

They both love a smidge of peanut butter on a wheat wrap piece.36863480_10103464776127730_5214237073556373504_nAlly can also eat solo with pouches.  It just amazed me how different they are! 37037728_10103468563842120_5595797183539445760_nThe rice rusk teething cookies have been very helpful and even bread works. Harry has his two bottom teeth and Ally has one bottom tooth just about poking through.

They both dislike teethers which is funny to compare to their big sis. She LOVED teethers and we had a ton for her… and now useless. #momlife 😉36864573_10103464588528680_5407523095936237568_nWe also did their baptism at 8 months old. HarrisonAllisonBaptismJuly2018-4They behaved so well, I was highly impressed! The service was much better then Sammy’s and more relaxed for the kiddos.HarrisonAllisonBaptismJuly2018-5 The church that we found is very young family/ kid oriented, so we were very excited to have found it!HarrisonAllisonBaptismJuly2018-18That wraps up our 6-8 month update on the twins. Next one will be the ONE YEAR update. That is insane… it’s less than 4 months away!

Time sure does fly when you have kids.

7 Ways We Are Saving Money!

There are a ton of articles and YouTube videos online on ways to save money.

It is important to note that many of these videos may only work for certain people. For example, not everyone has a house or kids, so those aspects may not apply to you.36815445_10103464776082820_1001593159475527680_nFrom all the articles or videos I’ve watched over the last few months, I wanted to share the ways OUR family is trying to save money/ pay off debt:

  1. Run your washer/dryer/ dishwasher at night: These chug a ton of electricity and did you know electricity is cheaper at night? I looked up the rates for our company and it was over a 10 cent difference to use electricity during “peak” hours (ours are 7am-8pm).
    • We just implemented this, so I’m curious to see what the cost difference will be over then next couple of months.
  2. Use cash: Lately I’ve been taking out cash for the week and sticking to it. It forces me to think twice over impulse purchases. If I have any left over, it goes straight into the piggy bank.
  3. Eliminate temptation: Whether it’s deleting emails from your favorite clothing store that informs you of sales or an app – just delete it. I recently deleted my Starbucks app!
    • Now I do go here and there but it’s not like I’m adding $40 a month just because. I maybe now spend $10-$12 and re-download the app when I do go. Plus my work has a killer Espresso machine for free.36954696_10103467147530420_1082811261625827328_n
    • Cutting out those emails can avoid impulse spends. Just because your favorite store is having a 50% off deal, doesn’t mean you need to buy something.
  4. Grocery shop online: I have found this to be extremely helpful. Half the time I forget my list or buy other items I didn’t intend to go into the store for.
    • I use Walmart Grocery and it has been such a lifesaver, not only in time, but for money. I shop what’s on sale and I grab ONLY what’s on my list.
  5. Cut down on dining out: When the twins were born, we were big on dine outs or quick meals. But now that things have gotten a “tad” easier, we have the time to cook more.
    • We only dine out twice a week and one time is usually a pizza deal in our area which is $7.99 for a large pie.
  6. Cancel your cable: We just have internet and use Hulu, Netflix and sometimes YouTube. We like to watch America’s got talent and we just need to wait the next day to watch an episode. #NoBigDeal.
  7. Cancel Your Gym Membership: Don’t get me wrong, I love taking in-studio classes. But I looked back at my account one day and I realized I spent over $1,000 in a year and a half. I could have paid off part of my credit card with that.37027483_10103467147655170_1148514400009715712_n
    • I am finishing up any classes I have left and either doing something at home (there are so many apps and YouTube videos) or if I really want to do a Pure Barre class, I use their online version.
    • If you need a gym, shop around and find a cheaper rate or wait for deals, especially during holidays.

Other tips:

  1. Buy second hand when you can (especially kids clothes and toys).
  2. Set a monthly budget.
  3. Borrow books/ DVDs from library instead of purchasing new ones.
  4. Staycations!
  5. Fruit picking for a summer afternoon date (pack a lunch, save some money and get exercise). It’s even good for the kiddos too and bonus if you have a farm that does picking per pound! Enjoy the sunshine and time with a loved one.36919084_10103466180453450_5753412488913747968_n
  6. Search your area for free or cheap local activities. You can join a Facebook group for your town and usually can find out about local activities there. And kids don’t really need you to spend tons of money to be entertained.
    • Once a week the kiddos and I go to Whole Foods and get a cranberry muffin; Sammy eats half and the twins eat the leftovers. Sammy loves playing with the trucks and I get to chill for almost an hour before errands. #winwin 😉36952658_10103467147749980_6526378436074668032_nFor more cheap/ free activities for kids, click THIS post for more info!

Again, some of these tips may not apply to you or your lifestyle but these are just a few things that our family has done/ is doing to save money and work on getting rid of debt.

Question: What are some of your tips to save money?!


What We Are Loving Lately!

Hello, hello!

Dropping by to share some of some new finds, a new bed for the toddler and other favorites. Let’s go!

Through trial and error, we’ve realized Sammy has a wheat intolerance, [just like her mom]. I spotted these at Big Lots and purchased the chocolate and cinnamon ones. 34471821_10103432996229900_6165704515828842496_nThey are pretty delicious for gluten-free cookies.

Products have come a long way since I found out almost 10 years ago that I had the intolerance.

I spotted this protein bar one day in Walmart and I had to give it a go. I knew it would totally NOT taste like cake. img_5494They are sweeter then the other thinkThin bars I’ve tried and it’s perfect for a sweet tooth without the guilt! 😉

This infant/ toddler swing has been fantastic. 33940791_10103427890382060_4905422486817996800_nThe swing set we purchased had two “big kid” swings and Sammy just isn’t a fan yet (although she knows how to use them).34499434_10103432995361640_695666040595546112_n It’s big enough for her and good side for the babies!

Speaking of babies, they have been teething like crazy and loving the Happy Baby teething wafers. These were Sammy’s favorites too! 35749730_10103446684089320_7340758764301058048_nWe were planning on moving the toddler and Harrison into bunk beds in a year but for some reason, Sammy has grown like a million few inches and the toddler bed just became to short for her. 35686998_10103446537019050_5102733520619438080_nI found this twin loft bed on Wayfair on sale. It was not too bad to put together (and I did it alone) and took under an hour total time.35532005_10103444147951760_8152447896084545536_nI was worried that she wouldn’t be able to get in and out well but with her toy chest being next to the ladder, it adds a extra step. 35660829_10103446536949190_8136087549610295296_nWe opted not to put the slide because I just don’t see how with an energetic toddler, things go well!

My husband purchased this essential oil diffuser for me a while ago, but I totally love it. My current favorite combo to diffuse is a little lavender with Eucalyptus.34508496_10103432996993370_6644250575108046848_n If the babies are being fussy or I want to have a relaxing cleaning sesh, this stuff is my go to!

Hope everyone is having a great week! See ya’ll on the next post. 🙂


“Day In The Life” – Mommy of THREE Under THREE!

It took me six months to produce this post… why?

Oh you know because #momlife!33961285_10103427946429740_741801454007746560_nInitially I had planned to write it out when the twins turned three months old, but things just got hectic as I mentioned in my previous post.

Everyday is NOT like this by any means, but it gives you an idea of what we do!

My husband has 3 very long days where I am where the kiddos between 10-13 hours solo. For today I am sharing you a sample of that day… bear with me, it’s a long one!


5:45am: Harry wakes up!

6:00am: Ally wakes up! Once both twins are up, the husband and I get them changed, fed and ready for the day.

6:30am: Sammy wakes up and hops into bed with us.

She’ll bring her rag doll and snuggle into out bed anywhere from about 10-20 minutes depending on her [toddler] mood.

7:00am: Make coffee…33867813_10103426852566850_7569210248028749824_n.jpg7:45am: Breakfast for the toddler. Breakfast has become quick and simple; sometimes it’s peanut butter and fruit, other times a small bowl of cereal with berries.

Some days this mom has cereal, other times it has been into oats, berries, sunflower and chia seeds. Delish!IMG_20180105_091022_398 - Copy 8:15am: Once we are done with breakfast, I get Sammy cleaned up and ready for the day.

8:30am: The twins will usually take their first nap at around 8:30-8:45am. They hang in the kitchen with Sammy and I while we eat breakfast.

9:00am: Toddler Independent Play. 33710707_10103426852851280_4696664686567882752_nI set my phone timer for about 30 minutes minutes and I’ll use this time to usually get the kitchen cleaned up, get some bottles prepped and start the laundry.34037556_10103426852656670_1396123933253566464_n9:30am: Toddler Structured Activity: This can be anything; whether it’s practicing counting, a craft or learning [outside] through nature.

As long as it’s something we are both doing the activity together

.10:00amSnack and Play. The twins get up between 9:45 and 10:00 from their first nap, so I like to let Sammy eat a snack while I get the twins changed and fed.

10:30am: Once everyone is up (or sometimes a bit before, if we had an earlier start to the day), we play outside in the yard before lunch.33940791_10103427890382060_4905422486817996800_n12:30pm: Twins Second Nap. 33574477_10103425293850530_165597841396334592_oIn general, the twins have managed to nap before Sammy’s nap which is great!33780757_10103426852786410_1252215642342293504_n12:45pm: Lunch time for the toddler! This day she did a PB sandwich + crackers with blackberries, raisins and some Snapea Crisps.20180109_155034After lunch, we’ll usually watch a show to unwind after playing all morning.

1:45pmNaptime for Sammy.34069030_10103427967737040_1726531846029705216_nI get the kitchen cleaned up [post lunch], switch the laundry and try to sneak a workout in (I used Pure Barre on Demand). 33965481_10103427908875000_4725409107383681024_n If there is still time before Sammy wakes up, I’ll watch something on Netflix, blog or catch up on YouTube videos while I have a post-workout snack!34137616_10103427890581660_6952416291072245760_n2:30-3:00pm: Twins wake up from nap.

3:30pmSammy is up!

The twins have been on a Mother Goose Club kick, but Sammy requested to watch Cars while we did some potty training (joy).33866553_10103426852616750_5872482425606504448_n3:45pm: Sammy is usually hungry after her nap, so I give her a quick snack. These are actually pretty delicious.34029284_10103427890651520_8708483935706808320_n 5:00pm: I clean up the living room, get any laundry folded while the twins play on the rug and Sammy in her room.33816537_10103426853000980_310251395032809472_nAfter Sammy plays for a bit, I’ll have her help me clean her room up before dinner.33962109_10103426852936110_1732429720890376192_n6:30pm: I was exhausted by the time dinner came around this night. We ate outside had eggs plus some Good Food Made Simple waffles.

7:00pm: Bedtime for the twins! We alternate who gets a bath between twins and Sammy. We uses THESE wipes for quick “showers.”

I wanted to get the twins to bed before Sammy so we could enjoy some one on one time. Sometimes they are up til 8 but most times, they are down by 7:30pm.

7:15pmBath time for Sammy. 🙂

7:30pm: Quiet time begins (this is her old bed!).20180107_183003 - Copy8:15-8:45pmBedtime for the toddler!

I’ll spruce up the house then relax for the rest of the evening while I wait for Pat to come home from work.

11:00pmBedtime for mama… there are plenty of days that I fall asleep around 9:00pm. Being a mom of three UNDER three is way more EXHAUSTING then being pregnant with a toddler. 

That’s a wrap on this “day in the life of” of mom of THREE under THREE. Our schedule* is not always perfect, but we try to have a routine of some sort to get us through the day.


*Note: we don’t follow a particular “schedule” on Saturdays (aka family days) or Playschool days.

Why Hello There! [Twins Six Months Update]

Having twins has definitely kept me busy; throw in a toddler to the in mix and it’s like a double full time job. 20180403_112834I don’t know how the mamas of 4+ kids do it, seriously you guys rock. And all moms of course; mom life ain’t easy!HomeCan you believe the twins are six months old? It feels like forever but at the same time, it feels like it’s going slow (which I’m sure is due to the long winter we had).Ally6MSo let me update y’all on life…

My last post was on February 15th for the three month update of the twins!

Since that time, the twins have doubled [in age], the toddler has learned a ton of new words and we bought a house!houseThat was another reason for my hiatus. Buying a house is not fun in… there is so much paperwork and “technical” stuff to take care of. But once it was done, it was a HUGE relief.

It was exhausting and on top of that add the twins AND the toddler.32116420_10103410079510190_8835974838683172864_nOnce we bought the house, we started working on the floors since there was carpeting from the previous owners that was old and dusty. 32785072_10103417917847100_8541890894553415680_nWe got these “wood like” tiles from Lowe’s and they came out great!32890921_10103417918016760_9124033527812194304_nI didn’t want the kiddos, nor my hubs and I, breathing in all that dust and mold we found. in the rugs.

We plan to do this flooring (hopefully) for all the rooms at some point. For now we did the bedrooms and living room.32769724_10103417917926940_2827526079336415232_nBoth babies are over 12lbs and have become so curious of the world around them in the passed few weeks.

They are grabbing things [and putting everything in their mouth] and have started eating a tiny bit of solids. Ally6MsAlly seems a bit more interested then Harry, but Harry seems closer to sitting up and crawling on his own very soon.Harry6MI enjoy seeing them grow at different paces [and comparing them to where Sammy was at for their age]. The were born a month early, so I know they are going to be where they need to be at their pace.sammy6mSammy at six months was eating a ton of solids and sitting up on her own, but she was born a smidge over 40 weeks vs. the twins at 35.

I’m so exited to continue to see them grow and learn each day. As they get older, Sammy gets more interactive with them with is so fun to watch. ❤

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and stay tuned for most posts. 🙂

Three Month Twin Update!

Where has the time gone?

The twin babies are a little over three months old now. I have to be honest, month two was HARD. I mean so hard that it made me want to run away from life.

At first I felt ashamed. “How can I feel so miserable when I’m so blessed?”27657381_10103326578556770_2458561099769854742_nI like to think of myself as a spiritual person and I knew that God gave me these babies for a reason. I just didn’t feel like I was worthy or capable of being a great mom to three.

“How was I going to divide my attention and love into three for them?”27971885_10103329976612040_4971429300675574455_nHarrison was also having some acid reflux issues. At first we didn’t know what was going on; he would just cry and cry for hours on end. But after a couple of doctor’s visit, it was ruled that he had acid reflux.28056769_10103329954576200_465738938058024088_nHe’s been taking Zantac as well as Mommy’s Bliss probiotics. Let me tell you it has done wonders. He is just the sweetest and happiest little boy now. ❤28166406_10103329954860630_4562871698156404806_nThey say the moment your kids are born you just feel love and it comes naturally. That totally didn’t happen for me. I felt like I had failed as a mom, as it took time for me to find joy in the chaos.

Being waken up every 1.5-2hrs every night for almost two months WRECKS complete havok on the mind and body. 28055971_10103329954815720_3608371551165790933_nAt the start of month three and I am in LOVE.

They are smiling more, sleeping more and starting to “talk.” Harry is weighing 10.5lbs while Ally is a little under 10lbs. Harrison wakes up twice in the night, but Ally can sleep 6-8hrs straight before waking up. It has been A-MAZING!27972557_10103329955110130_3474306872964429096_nSammy can even interact more with them now as they are more alert.

She’ll play music for them, read stories next to them or show them her toys. They even will all sit still to watch a movie… well enough time for me to cook dinner or do the dishes. Trolls and Finding Dory are their current favorite. 28058699_10103329955209930_3064867345125820290_nThe twins have started teething in the past couple of weeks so that has brought another challenge but they are now at the point where they can handle a bit of Tylenol and enjoy teethers. Harry loves this corn one that was given to us at our mini baby sprinkle.

Ally had a terrible cough last week and I was glad that she could take this Zarbee’s cough syrup. I actually got the wrong one by mistake but I do like that these are pre-portioned and I can keep them in the diaper bag.28055848_10103329955165020_6151993848019771388_nShe’s all better now.27857805_10103329976307650_4470509916835566543_n
Although every day is not perfect, I’m learning to balance everything out.  From what I hear it takes six months to really adjust to twin mom life… I believe it.27867590_10103329954915520_7901076750974953172_nIf anyone tells you a toddler and newborn twins are easy… they are either delusional or a celebrity. 😉