MIMM #14: I’ve Got Sunshine

“I’ve got sunshine… on a cloudy day.”18891832_10103011666348360_5397744839317562992_oThe marvelous sun has been teasing us these days; sometimes cloudy, sometimes sunny and of course rain. I am looking forward to some beach weather.

For now the park with the sandbox will do. 😉18768227_10103011996706320_7829397509739594156_oMarvelous is burgers! With twins, my iron levels have been pretty low. I’ve been trying to up my iron intake with the prenatal vitamin plus with food. 20170601_123608I had an angus beef burger with lettuce, tomatoes and a slice of Swiss cheese in a wrap. It was so good and hit the spot! I’ve been craving it every other week or so.

Marvelous is Bagels! Speaking of cravings, bagels is on my list this time around as it was when I was pregnant with Sammy. bagelI’ve been loving the new Sprouted Grain Vegan bagel from Starbucks. Hit’s the spot and actually fills me up better than other whole grain bagels.

Marvelous is sweater weather! Although I do want summer, I do enjoy a crisp “fall” breeze in the air here and there.20170530_160028How cute is that Hello Kitty sweater my mom got Sammy?

Marvelous is Hollar.com: Hollar is an online “dollar store.” Do It On A Dime featured them one of her videos. She rocks for cheap DIY and organizing tips!20170605_130222 There are plenty of items that are above $1 but you can find almost anything you can think of from snacks to household needs. I love online shopping, especially if I have some free time on my break at work. 20170605_130301We’ve been needing an HDMI cable and I got this one for only $5 (works perfect). I also got this corner rack to make space in our pots and pan cabinet.20170603_082546 It’s technically for plates but she used it for the pots and I loved it – less noise too. I got all of these items for under $35.00 and free shipping. I will definitely be ordering again from Hollar.

That’s it for this edition of Marvelous in My Monday!MIMMHope everyone is having a fabulous Monday. :-)

Resistance Band Workout [Tabata Style]

Nausea has taken the best of me like I mentioned last week.

If I’m home for the day, I am good to workout after 11:00am once my nausea has subsided. My daughter usually naps by noon, so it’s a perfect time to get a quick sweat sesh in!

I never really used the resistance band for an ENTIRE workout, but I wanted to do something different for my Tabata routine. I have it at home, so might as well use it!

I like to use “A HIIT Interval Timer” from the app store for timing.

Tabata is simply an interval training workout that has 20 seconds of “work” and 10 seconds of “rest” for 4 minutes each round. I like to do EIGHT rounds; totaling 32 minutes.

I use my stationary bike at home to warm-up for about FIVE minutes, then I get that timer going.  Click HERE and HERE to see some pictures of the moves I mention below with the resistance band.

Note: For the exercises with an * next to them, just take the band and wrap it around the top hinge of your door as is in the picture below.18881717_10103008813525440_3287958496224982322_nHere’s the resistance band routine that I just have to share with y’all:

Resistance Band Tabata [8 Rounds, 32** Minutes Total] 

  1. Sumo Squat*
  2. Jump Squat [hold on to the bands as pictured and jump]*
  3. Upright Row
  4. Bicep Curls
  5. Jumping Lunges [hold on to the bands and alternate each leg, option to just down alternating reverse lunges]*
  6. Sumo Squat w/ Overhead Press
  7. Sumo Squat w/ Low Row [as pictured]*
  8. Deadlift

**For more information on my fitness routine/ coaching click here.

Currently: Health & Fitness (1st Trimester)

20170517_135316First trimester… second time around is 100 times worse. Know why? Because there are TWO of them!

“Hey mom, you know there’s two on here right?”20170517_133526I think I was nauseous and fatigued from about 3 weeks (if I had to guess). At 6 weeks, my morning sickness was through the roof, my migraines have been killing me and I have been so much more tired. I dealt with morning sickness and migraines with Samantha but it didn’t really hit til about 9-10 weeks.

I also started “showing” a bit at about 6 weeks and I was having a hard time “sucking it in” at work. But now knowing that there are twins, explains why everything was happening so much sooner.20170518_105417My fitness routine, has drastically changed sooner then when I was pregnant with Sammy. I’ve just been trying to walk and move whenever I can (aka active rest day). Squats and jumping are extremely uncomfortable sooner this time (took be about 24+ weeks last time).

My goal is to do Barre 1-3 times a week [as I teach 3 Barre classes a week] and try to take 1 Pure Barre class on my own, plus take an Orangetheory Fitness when I can.

Here’s what my current fitness routine looks like during the week:

  • Monday: OTF
  • Tuesday: Rest Day
  • Wednesday: Barre Class
  • Thursday: Active Rest Day
  • Friday: Strength Training Day
  • Saturday: Cardio Barre it’s been more of a miss then hit!
  • Sunday: Active Rest Day

It hasn’t been perfect one bit. I’m lucky if I get 2 workouts in a week, but I really try to keep moving regardless. Things are going to come up or happen, especially being pregnant with twins and having a toddler.

I’m learning not to stress too much with this pregnancy.  I’m trying to focus on eating as healthy as I can and try not to get down too much if I miss the gym due to nausea or migraines. I know hope that in a year my body will start to get back to normal.IMG_20170518_083425_485I was craving green beans for the longest but now all I want is bagels, cereal & Cheez-it’s (which I haven’t eaten since junior high school). Coffee was the first thing to go. I really haven’t drank coffee since our “honeymoon-ish.”

Sonic neuro mid-morning has replaced my caffeine if I really need it. Since it’s 100mg, that all I’d do, since “recommended” during pregnancy is less than 200mg or 2 cups of coffee.20170524_083651We are very excited and nervous all at once. This is going to be quite to experience, especially already having a toddler on hand. Hoping to get Sammy potty trained before the winter (no pressure, of course), that would just be a huge help on diaper costs.

Here’s to the next SEVEN months! 😀

Question: Any twin moms out there? What’s your best piece of advice?

MIMM #13: Babies & Such

Happy Monday friends!

There has been so many marvelous things happening this month, that I thought I’d drop by and share a few with you all. The last Marvelous in my Monday post was on November 21st, which was quite some time ago…20170517_135316Marvelous is… Pregnancy Announcements:

“Hey mom and dad, if you think I’m trouble, wait until I get my TWO partners in crime this December.” Yes you read that correctly, TWO babies in my belly. We just found out that part this week.

Last week my doctor said I was measure 4 weeks early then I said my last “monthly” was. Now it totally makes sense why. Twins= 4 weeks sooner for everything (including the “not so marvelous” nausea).20170518_105830It was quite the shock but we are excited for our family of five adventure. It’s what I experienced growing up being the oldest of three.

On to some other marvelous things this past month…20170513_121148Marvelous is… Stonyfield’s Fair (5/13): Mother’s day was celebrated a day earlier at the Gendrons. I really wanted to go this fair for the last two year and we finally made it!20170513_113504There were so many marvelous vendors; 20170513_175245Stonyfield yogurt (of course), American Flatbread, Applegate, Cliff bars and other local shops and spots in New Hampshire. 20170519_174144Marvelous is… Beach weather! I love being able to go outside and enjoy the sand in my toes and feeling the breeze from the water. 20170519_171427It’s a nice break from being indoors and finding activities to do when it’s “not so marvelous” outside. Not to mention Sammy loves playing in the sand and stays pretty occupied.
Marvelous is… Breakfast Kind bars: There are some days that I have to work at 4:30am and no way am I eating breakfast at home at 3:45 in the morning.

These are marvelous to take a bite or two while I’m not too hungry in the morning but know my body needs something, especially with TWO humans stealing my nutrients. 😉

I pair with a banana too. This particular day, I had half left so I saved it for a mid-afternoon pick me up.MIMMThat’s a wrap for this Marvelous in my Monday post! I am linking up with Katie over at Healthy Dive Life. I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the Spring weather.

Have a great week. 🙂

Honest Co. Review (#1)

Good morning friends and happy FriYAY!20170317_203629I am dropping in to review a few products from my Honest Company bundle I did a couple months ago. It took me a bit to really get a feel for the products; I didn’t just want to use them once or twice.

I still haven’t used the laundry packs, dish soap or swim diaper just yet. When I do, I will update you in a part two post.20170423_190444Shampoo + Bodywash: I actually purchased two of the lavender ones since I like using that scent for bath time to calm the toddler. I did like this lavender smell better than the Aveeno wash (which I was buying before).

I even used it on myself a few times and it cleansed my hair really well. I have fine and oily hair and it did not weight down my hair at all.Product-395-slide_with_zoom-61151bec-9efd-4cf8-b2cb-3bb44da8d211_normal_slideConditioner: Not going to lie, I purchased this one for myself. First of all, the orange vanilla smell was absolutely amazing. With my hair type, it’s hard to find a good conditioner that won’t weigh my hair down.

I had been using Wen for a while (and loved it) but I wanted to see if there was something cheaper that I could buy easier (the Wen subscription is just too much of a hassle).

This conditioner did not weigh my hair down and it always feels “flowy.” I used it on Samantha a few times and her hair was even softer once she used it. I am definitely getting this one again, but in grapefruit!Product-394-slide_with_zoom-9d6bc309-cd91-467c-b2e7-cf1dfd8ed021_normal_slideFace + Body Lotion: I really enjoyed the purely simple lotion that came in the trial size, so I opted to try the lavender. I was also running out of the Aveeno lavender lotion and wanted to have another handy.

Again, the lavender scent was WAY better in this lotion then the Aveeno. The Aveeno one IS half the price, but if you get a good deal on a bundle (the Honest Co. always have discounts), it can come out to almost the same price.
20170427_080321 (1)Multi-Surface Cleaner: This by far has been my favorite product from my bundle. I first used it when Samantha got market all over our front door.

I love that is doesn’t leave any harsh smells or chemicals behind. The grapefruit smell is fabulous, especially when cleaning the bathroom and her room.

Things get messy in our household, especially during meals. I use the cleaner every night on our kitchen table, stove top and counters. A definite must buy if you are trying out the Honest products for the first time.

I do like that you can purchase many of the Honest products at Target or Wholefoods – sometimes there are better sales too!

I will be purchasing the cleaner and lotion for sure in the near future. Those were my two favorites of the four, but if the other two are on sale, I will snag them. 😉

Question: Have you used any Honest Company products? If so, which are your favorites?

Vacation in the Poconos!

Happy Friday friends!

Last week, my husband and I took our mini “honeymoon” road trip vacation in the Poconos in Pennsylvania. I recently got a new position at work and had training that cut into our honeymoon time, but it was worth it. 🙂

We dropped Samantha off at my parents in New York (my mom was on spring break) and headed down to Allentown first to spend the night.

We didn’t want to have a longer drive to Hershey Park in the morning. We had a quick breakfast, then headed to the park!

We drove through Amish Country and found a donut place called “Sugar on Top,” where they had a design your own donut. Pat was pretty excited! 18010430_10102949912149270_5272716446962601306_nI ended up getting some homemade cookies from Central Market in Lancaster.
18010507_10102949911770030_9020277540814976004_nHershey was so much fun! It was nice to be a kid again (without the kid lol) and get on roller coasters, enjoy the park lemonade and eat fries. 😛

After Hershey, we headed right across the park to Giant Center to watch the Providence Bruins play against the Hershey Bears. Those fans were so energetic, it was a total blast!18033319_10102949911475620_3475233617955233380_nThe game finished pretty late, so I grabbed coffee (opened til 11pm!) and we drove to the Poconos to spend a couple days at Crescent Lodge and Inn.18033900_10102949900622370_2727808772642970847_nIt was different to spend Easter just the two of us, but we did enjoy some good food. The breakfast at the lodge was absolutely delicious.17917315_10102947221735880_3844322043440203303_oAnd so was the coffee. 😉17992184_10102949911281010_5232480526820967630_nAfter breakfast, we headed to Bushkill Falls (about 30-40mins away) to hike!18033428_10102949900762090_7953642920685064237_nThey had three different trails you could follow.
18010037_10102947476036260_4089858301926821891_nWe chose the “blue trail” which takes on average 1.5hrs, but we finished it in under an hour.17952679_10102949900667280_1746079005457548266_nAfter, we had lunch, then headed to the lodge to shower and get ready for Mount Airy Casino. We played at the slots for a bit then started to get hungry. 17904395_10102949900078460_8267856583804618332_nAn employee recommended the Frogtown Chophouse; SO, SO GOOD. If you are ever in the Pocono area, check it out.17952704_10102949899838940_3441297957075878376_nThe last morning we were pretty tired, so we packed up, had breakfast and played around in the casino one more time before hitting the road.

I love long trips in a car, just seems like such an adventure to travel different spots or find things on the fly. I would go back to the Crescent Lodge again to spend another couple of relaxing days with the hubs!

They also had an outdoor area, but it was raining most of the time (except for when we went hiking, phew) so we couldn’t do much.

Maybe next time. 😉

Tabata Tuesday #4: Cardio Burst!

And… I’m back for another Tabata Tuesday installment! Granted I know it’s Wednesday, but I forgot to post it 😉

What is Tabata? Click HERE for the details!20170405_111338.jpgSpring in coming, so it’s time to get those body ready for summer fun!

For this routine, you won’t need any dumbbells and can do it anywhere!

However, you do have the option to add in dumbbells where ever you see a “*” if you want an extra challenge/ have them handy.17016085_10102885148695750_7930719254177464392_oSet your timer for 20 seconds WORK, 10 seconds REST. You’re going to perform each move for 4 minutes (8 rounds total).

We have EIGHT moves for a total of 32 minutes (be sure to warm up before and stretch after your workout). You can go straight through for 32 minutes or rest for a minute after each move, which will bring your total time to 40 minutes.

  1. Skaters (tap side to side to modify)
  2. Squats*
  3. Jumping Lunges* (do alternating lunges to modify)
  4. Situps*
  5. Jump Squats* (squat pulse to modify)
  6. Mountain Climbers (take one knee in at a time slowly to modify)
  7. Plank & Tap (tap your hand to opposite shoulder; alternate)
  8. Plank Jax (tap side to side with each leg in plank to modify)


For personalized workouts AND meal plans, check out my coaching page HERE.