I Took My Kids’ Toys Away [And Gave Some Back].

Last Friday was a rough day. The kids were misbehaving and just bugging each other as per sibling usual. There were toys everywhere. I had asked them to clean up and they did. An hour later the house was a wreck again and they started misbehaving... again. Most parents threaten to take their kids favorite … Continue reading I Took My Kids’ Toys Away [And Gave Some Back].

Glute Activation Workout + Giveaway.

Happy July! I figured I'd start off with one of my favorite workouts and a giveaway. If you been following me, you'll know I love this booty band from Tone It Up. I like to use it activate my glutes before a leg workout or use it for my workouts, like this one.For this workout, … Continue reading Glute Activation Workout + Giveaway.